Jennifer Krempin Bridgman
When our foster daughter Aileen lived with us as a teenager, we enjoyed family trips to Mount Vernon and it was a place she would go with friends to enjoy history, fresh air and the scenic views. In fact, we had a family joke back then that Mount Vernon was the perfect high-quality “date” excursion, but only with the most high-quality prospective boyfriend. Fast forward a few years, and Aileen met a great young man who met the standard. She recently returned to Mount Vernon to introduce him, and their beautiful baby boy Miguel, to everything she always loved about Mount Vernon. In a place so rich with tradition, Aileen is now keeping the tradition alive in her own growing family. Jennifer Krempin Bridgman, 2019
Carol Whitmore
1. Winter Break 2. Rex Whitmore 3. To learn about our nation’s most important founding father; a great man in his time for his contemporary and the future us, and our progeny. Carol Whitmore, 2018
Paul Christensen
I was taking part in the Purple Heart Commemoration Day with the 1st Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line (I am in the middle). Paul Christensen, 2019
Rob Leighton
Our family including our son Leo and daughter Ryan on their first trip to Mount Vernon. Leo so loves learning about George Washington that we are now watching the documentary Washington on the History Channel together. Rob Leighton, 2018
Laura Dalrymple
In 2017 my 2 kids were living in NC with their dad and it was a big change for all of us. Their step dad Ron and I flew out there, picked them up in a rented car and spent a great spring break in DC. The tornado hit the tidal basin the night we arrived! The icing on our trip cake was visiting Mount Vernon. We wanted to understand Washington better and see what captivated his heart the way Mt Vernon did. Laura Dalrymple, 2017
Meryl Davidson,
My daughter Addison and I are in the picture at Mount Vernon. Last summer we made the trip from N.C. to visit my proud military family at Ft Belvoir. As history buffs, we enjoyed every moment of our visit. The tomb was humbling and George Washington’s home was astounding. We look forward to our next visit. Meryl Davidson, 2019
Karen Morris
We came to DC for the week of 4th of July. The first for all but my wife. My daughter Sofie has to write a paper on George Washington and has been interested in him ever since. So we stopped at Mount Vernon on our way home. We all enjoyed it very much and learned a lot! Karlen Morris, 2018
Jolyn McLaughlin
My daughter Dana just graduated from college in Texas and started working for the UNF in DC. My first trip to see her was July 2017. As a history teacher one of my must-sees was Mt Vernon. It was a hot July day but worth it! Jolyn McLaughlin, 2017
Diana Hughes
This is our beautiful granddaughter and her fill Kit’s first trip to Mount Vernon. She loved it and can not wait to go back. Diana Hughes, 2020
Mary Kish
My daughter Jennifer and her husband Bob at Christmas time, enjoying Mount Vernon by candlelight event. So beautiful! Mary Kish, 2017
Sara Call
My husband, Jim Call, and I like to sit on porch of Mount Vernon when we visit. We find it very peaceful. Sara Call, 2016
Joe Zipper
I brought my girlfriend to the 4th of July fireworks event for the first time (it will now be an annual tradition). It was a beautiful afternoon, but then a big storm hit - this was us taking cover from the storm in the portico! The storm subsequently cleared and the fireworks show was amazing! Joe Zipper, 2019
Judy Friend
My husband Scott and I are sitting in the garden. We spent the day at Mount Vernon - learning about George Washington. Judy Friend, 2018