Scott Poe
George Washington was always a man, ahead of his time!! Scott Poe, 2018
Sue Morgan
My husband and myself. Craig and Sue Morgan. We spent 10 days in Virginia to see historical sites. On this trip, we also went to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, the American Revolution Museum, Fort Monroe, and the Civil War Museum in Richmond. This was the first time we were in the area and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the trip. Sue Morgan, 2019
Pamela Beste
this was our second trip to Mount Vernon. The first time it was just my husband and I. This time was with my teenagers. I love it so much and my husband knows it. There is something that draws me there. So it's tough living in Missouri. Pamela Beste, 2019
Nicole Bolton
As part of the George Washington Teacher Institute I experienced Mt. Vernon in such a special way! Honestly one of the best experiences of my life! Nicole Bolton, 2019
Elaine Ramirez
My daughters, Jessica and Marissa, on our first visit to Mt. Vernon. Marissa is a secondary education history major and really enjoyed learning so much at our visit. Elaine Ramirez, 2019
Patricia Anderson
As a family, we have never visited the Washington D.C.area. Our daughter, who was going into her final year of nursing school and our son, who was just starting his sophomore year of college in 2017, wanted to go on a family vacation everyone would enjoy. Our family really loves history and of course Mount Vernon was on our must see list while in the area. We absolutely loved visiting Mount Vernon and can't wait for a return visit. Patricia Anderson, 2017
Kathryn Adams
We live around the corner from Mount Vernon! We are so lucky to be able to visit whenever we like. This photo was taken right before Julian received his scavenger hunt. On this visit Julian was excited to learn that George Washington and him had something in common - a shared love of ice cream! Julian also was struck by the enslaved peoples’ monument, and learning about the enslaved people at Mount Vernon has helped build empathy in this six year old! Thanks for all you do to help children learn, Mount Vernon! Kathryn Adams, 2018
Hannah Halbert
This is me and my friend Colleen! We visited Mount Vernon in July of 2019. It was both of our first times visiting the mansion, and it was awesome to see! We also took the “National Treasure Tour” which is an amazing tour! Hannah Halbert, 2019
Libby Holleman
My daughter, Meg, age 6, dressed up as Martha Washington last summer. We spent a week in DC visiting my brother's family and Mount Vernon was her favorite part. She was Martha for Halloween as well! Can't wait to visit again. Libby Holleman, 2019
Kenneth Blum
A year after my teacher fellowship, I was anxious to share my excitement with my family. Pictured are my daughters Grace (left) and Emily. They learned so much more about Colonial life and George Washington in our visit than they ever could've gleaned from textbooks! A magical step back through history! Kenneth Blum, 2018
Patricia Garza
In the photo is my daughter who was 11 at the time. This was the first trip for my children to Mount Vernon. She had been slightly bored until this young woman came by and was going to clean the wheat. She immediately drew my daughter's interest and even allowed her to help clean the wheat. My daughter thought it was so much fun, she plans on applying for an internship when she finishes high school in a few years. My children and I both love Mount Vernon and cannot wait to go back again someday! Patricia Garza, 2019
Katelyn Benton
I landed an internship for the spring of 2020 in Congress. I had never been to Mount Vernon, so I knew that I had to come during my time in DC. I first went on President’s Day, and I loved it so much that I came back later that week on Washington’s Birthday. It’s a great historical location and I look forward to going back one day. Katelyn Benton, 2020
Sandra Knoerlein
My husband and I took the boat tour from the National Harbor. They gave us some history on the way and what a magnificent sight to see the mansion on the water. Very informative tour about all the history. I felt privileged to have been there. Sandra Knoerlein, 2019
Cole Mellinger
This is me on the right and another guy (anonymous) on the left. We both had the opportunity to lay the wreath in the wreath-laying ceremony. I never felt more honored in my life than to lay the wreath in a ceremony honoring the father of our country. Cole Mellinger, 2019
Megan Pickle
We are members of Mount Vernon and we visit quite often. This photo was taken just after Christmas and we wanted to make sure to get a visit in to see Aladdin the camel. Megan Pickle, 2018