View the stunning photos of Revolutionary War action taken by participants in this year's photo safari and vote for your favorites.

Here’s your chance to Pose Like the Prez. Celebrities from Taylor Swift to Hope Solo have struck George Washington’s famous pose from the Lansdowne portrait, and now it’s your turn. Visit Mount Vernon and pose for your picture in front of our own life-sized version of Gilbert Stuart’s Lansdowne painting.

Ever wonder what you might look like wearing a variety of colonial styled headgear and clothing? The fun Colonial Selfie offering on the new Mount Vernon App allows you to add hats, bonnets, tunics, blouses and more upon your own image. Download the app, take your selfie and share on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #colonialselfie to see your photos on this board!

Congratulations to Kin Chung and Clint Stables for their winning photographs - and thank you to everyone who participated!

Congratulations to Roxanne Jensen and Mary Klote for their winning photographs - and thank you to everyone who participated!

Help us show our thanks by sharing photos of all things George Washington! George Washington left an indelible imprint our country. There are stories of him eating and sleeping at locations throughout the Eastern U.S. His likeness has been used in coloring books, on bumper stickers and of course the $1 bill. Hospitals, bridges, universities and much more bear his name. And now we want to see your George Washington photos! Upload directly, use #thanksgeorge on social media or email your photo to