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My son Arlen and I visited Mount Vernon at the end of an epic, two week ‘racecation’ out east. I am currently trying to complete a half marathon in all 50 states. Last summer I completed 6 half marathons, in 6 different states, in 6 days! We began our journey in Central Illinois, then headed to Niagara Falls, Canada. After that we drove through every North East State. I would race in the morning and we would go siteseeing in the afternoon. While in New York City, we stumbled upon the location of Washington’s inauguration. Of all the presidential homes and museums we saw along the way, Mount Vernon was, by far, the most meanful. We are both looking forward to returning some day - I haven’t completed a half marathon in Virginia yet, we will be back for sure! JoAnna Magelitz, 2019
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