Arlene Kerschner
Mount Vernon Fourth of July celebration. Arlene Kerschner, 2019
Hilde Perrin
The photo is me, my mom, my sister, and my aunt. I have been a George Washington enthusiast for years, but this was our first trip to Mount Vernon, this January after I received a membership for Christmas. Hilde Perrin, 2020
Joe Zipper
A cold visit to Mount Vernon in January...we visit often, if for nothing else than to stock up on Mount Vernon cherry preserves from the gift shop!! Joe Zipper, 2020
Fred Cappa
Henry dressed up for his 7th birthday and enjoyed an early morning walk through the gates of Mt Vernon. As we walked up hill we encountered re-enactors setting up camp and he was pretty surprised and excited to see he had walked in the middle of an eighteenth century camp. Here is a picture with his fellow soldiers, who broke `rank` to make his day! Fred Cappa, 2016
Ernest Snowden
On July 4th, our daughter Hayley was invited by the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) to deliver a public address on the grounds of Mount Vernon. That year, Hayley was the national winner of the SAR's Joseph Rumbaugh Oratory contest, and she reprised her winning oration on "freedom of speech" prior to a ceremonial visit to General Washington's tomb. We were invited as a family to join the earlier procession down the front lawn of Mount Vernon, in company with other descendants of Revolutionary War patriots. The photo was taken during that procession. Ernest Snowden, 2014
Mike Falkner
Bus trip. Philadelphia , DC, Williamsburg, Gettysburg. It was an awesome trip and Mount Vernon was certainly one of the highlights. Mike Falkner, 2016
Matthew Miller
We were at a Soccer tournament. We are from Arizona and Madison and I both think the world of Mount Vernon so we made time to spend the day on premise. Matthew Miller, 2018
Heather Blevins
We spent the last day of our Spring Break at Mt. Vernon- the day before it closed to the public because of Covid-19 closures. The weather was gorgeous and we had a wonderful day exploring the mansion and grounds. A great way to cap off our visit to Washington D.C. We will be back! Heather Blevins, 2020
Lisa Quade
This was my then 5 year old son's first trip to Mount Vernon in April 2018. He loves George Washington. Well, he loves all of the presidents, but George Washington is his favorite. We knew we had to take him to Mount Vernon. He loved it! I will always remember that first trip with him to Mount Vernon and how special it was for him to be where his hero once lived.His fifth birthday was president themed with a George Washington cake and life size cutout. He's 7 now and still loves George Washington and all of the presidents! He can name them all and their numbers and middle names and random facts. We try to take him to Mount Vernon at least once a year. He celebrates George Washington's birthday every year by dressing up as George Washington and having cupcakes. He's even written a little book on George Washington. We can't wait for you to open again so we can visit! From George Washington's biggest (little) fan. Lisa Quade, 2018
Carolyn Davis
Stopped on way back from Wing Family Reunion in Sandwich Massachusetts. Visited Mt Vernon and loved the Behind The Scenes National Treasure Tour. That was so fun and interesting!!!! We also visited John Adams homes on way to Mt Vernon. I love history!!!!! Carolyn Davis, 2017
Amelia Eudy
We had just moved to Virginia and visited Mount Vernon for the first time on July 4, 2014 with our 3 children (our 4th was born just 3 weeks later) It was such a special place, and we became members for our 4 years there. Now, living in Italy, we have great memories of that historic homestead on the Potomac! Amelia Eudy, 2014
Roger Dillon
My youngest son, Luke, and I took a father/son high school graduation trip to Washington DC and Mount Vernon. Luke shares my interest in American politics and history. We had a great time and he said that Mount Vernon was his favorite part of the trip. It also brought back memories for me of when my parents took me to visit Mount Vernon in the mid 1970’s. Roger Dillon, 2019
Skyler Noe
If I could only put down what my heart truly feels. I love Mount Vernon. I feel at home there. I’ve loved George Washington since I was 6. My love has never died. It’s grown! Mount Vernon lets me experience so many incredible things, and creates special memories for me. I’ve been visiting since 2017. In that time I’ve been lucky enough to attend some incredible events that have enriched my soul. Such as: Colonial Market & Fair, The Patriot Run, Rev War Weekend, July 4th, Fall Harvest, and George Washington’s Birthday!! I’ve been studying George Washington for years now and Mount Vernon is the best for research. My 1st visit I will never forget. The nerves, the excitement, the happy tears. Mount Vernon is my Disney World. It’s where I long to be. My happy place. I couldn’t pick just one photo so I made a collage, and even that’s not enough! I’ve gained knowledge and friendships. I love all of the staff. I’ve never had a bad experience. I chose the 3 pics on the left because it’s a must to get a pic with the general and family. Top middle: The Piazza is my safe zone. A place to clear my mind and it’s beautiful. Middle photo: it was Rev War Weekend and his home is behind me. Doesn’t get much better than that. Bottom middle: A special pic to be so close to the Key to Bastille. Top Right: It’s just a powerful pic for me. Middle Right: Dean. He’s just simply put, the closest I’ll ever feel in my life to the real George Washington. Lower Right: My 2018 1st 5k race, and a hurricane was on the way during it. Point is Mount Vernon is special. It’s magical. It’s history at your fingertips. It’s important. And now I’m apart of its past and hopefully it’ future. Skyler Noe, 2017
Mary Kish
My daughter Abby and granddaughter Cecilia, meeting Alexander Hamilton and George Washington, during the Revolutionary War Weekend. We enjoyed all the events immensely, though when the battle started, the cannons did scare Ceci! MAry Kish, 2017
Chris Embry
My one and only sister visited me and this was our visit to Mt Vernon. We had a great time. I always bring my visitors to Mt V since I moved to the area almost two years ago. Chris Embry, 2019