Alexandra Davis
We live in the neighborhood and frequently visit Mount Vernon - it’s our sons favorite place to run around, visit the animals, and say hi to his bestie, George. We miss you, Mount Vernon! Love, The Davis Family, Alexandra Davis, 2019
Frank Shoemaker
I came the Mount Vernon in November 2019 for the George Washington Symposium. As luck had it, that coincided with the early morning photo shoot. While the sky was very light in the east and illuminated the mansion, it was still deep blue in the west and that made a nice combination with the warm lighting on the piazza. Frank Shoemaker, 2019
Judy Friend
My husband Scott and I are sitting in the garden. We spent the day at Mount Vernon - learning about George Washington. Judy Friend, 2018
Bill Vaupel
As a history buff, I have wanted to see Mt Vernon for years. We combined a football weekend at Maryland with a visit to Mr. Washington's home. Bill Vaupel, 2019
Victoria Cugini
My daughter, Annabelle, loves visiting Martha. Getting to spend time with Martha is always the highlight of her trip. From her first visit Annabelle has loved “the president’s house” and so we became members. Then she met Martha and Mount Vernon really came to life for her. Every day she asks to go back and see Martha. She’s even made a pot holder that she wants to give to her when we finally get to go back. Mount Vernon is a very special place for our family. Victoria Cugini, 2020
Chris Embry
My one and only sister visited me and this was our visit to Mt Vernon. We had a great time. I always bring my visitors to Mt V since I moved to the area almost two years ago. Chris Embry, 2019
Frank Shoemaker
I came the Mount Vernon last November for the George Washington Symposium. As luck had it, that coincided with the early morning photo shoot. This is a composite of several images to show the star trails. The sky is lightening in the east behind the mansion as the dawn comes on. Frank Shoemaker, 2019
Lauren Proffitt
I run a social group in Alexandria, Virginia and organized a trip for us to visit Mount Vernon. I had no idea how much fun that trip would be. Shortly after we returned, I ended up getting a membership and visiting several more times before the stay-at-home order. Mount Vernon very quickly became my happy place. I am very excited to return once everything reopens and explore more of this beautiful place. Lauren Proffitt, 2020
Diana Barbe
I was a History Interpreter at MV a few years back. So many great opportunities to take beautiful photos of the estate at all hours of the day and seasons. Diane Barbe, 2016
Ro Guenzel
Our annual Christmas family photo with Aladdin. Ro Guenzel, 2019
Daniel Evans
I visited twice last year. This picture is my first visit and I wanted to make sure I got a photo with The General. The mansion, the view, the history is surreal. There is no place like Mount Vernon. The museum is top of the line. The life models of GW as a surveyor, a general and then as POTUS are just excellent. I will be back this year at least once. Make sure you go pay your respects to The General at Washington’s Tomb if you visit. And also watch Mount Vernon on Facebook Live during the shutdown. Thanks! Daniel Evans, 2019
Diana Mancini
I am a member of Mt. Vernon and go often, all year, to walk the grounds and take part in their activities. This was taken at one of "Mrs. Washington's" lectures. Diana Mancini, 2018
Maria Chirhart
Happy Mothers Day! Maria Chirhart, 1997
Kara Hershorin
My first visit to Mount Vernon. My family took a summer vacation to Washington, DC in July of 1997. Kara Hershorin, 1997
Dean DeRosa
Photo taken Nov 10, 2018. Dean DeRosa