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everal excursions to MOUNT VERNON over the years. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR EXCEPTIONAL EFFORTS! THIS led to a life long pursuit to study Historic Preservation and promote the study of the United States. Specifically, the Providential and often misunderstood analysis. Sometimes mislaid, and misplaced due to many causes. Yet the certain and then the eventual formations. Powerful testimony of cultural clashing. Then the stories assciated of Persons from all Nations. The colorful story. They who determined their own powers and formed them to build and now wedo inherit with Gratitude nd forbearance... a great National Treasure. Our efforts depend upon accurate research of the colors and determinations of peoples contributing to this International Story 1700-1850. We here are indebited to you there! +Dwight L. Dowson,
937 818 9232, Maxwell World Wide Historical Films, Inc. 2020
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