Patricia Anderson
As a family, we have never visited the Washington D.C.area. Our daughter, who was going into her final year of nursing school and our son, who was just starting his sophomore year of college in 2017, wanted to go on a family vacation everyone would enjoy. Our family really loves history and of course Mount Vernon was on our must see list while in the area. We absolutely loved visiting Mount Vernon and can't wait for a return visit. Patricia Anderson, 2017
Julie Grigsby
That is me in the photo. I was on a Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge Summer Teacher trip entitled "Virginia Presidents and their Families." There were about 30 of us from all over the country and we visited the homes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, plus those of Washington's sister and mother and the home of George Mason. Julie Grigsby, 2019
Nina Loretto
My three daughters, Scarlett, Lola, and Bella in their girl scout vests. They went on the Mount Vernon Scout Historic Trail. I'm a huge Washington fan and was dying to visit his home. Nina Loretto, 2019
Carol Renteria
Love the barn, so glad it has been restored and is in use. Carol Renteria, 2018
Priscilla Maxwell
The four children in the picture are my grandchildren. Two live in St Louis,MO and two live in Arlington, VA. The cousins had a delightful, fun memorable day at Mount Vernon. Priscilla Maxwell, 2019
Kristen Schaeffer
#selfiestationmtvernon I was on a school trip in DC and the teachers went to Mt. Vernon, one of my favorite places. By the way, I’m an American Government teacher. There was a selfie station to take a picture like George Washington which I did. I now have a poster version up in my classroom at school. My students love this picture and so do I. Kristen Schaeffer, 2017
Fran Young
This is Daisy, the sheepdog, relaxing on the lawn at Mt. Vernon. Being a very patriotic sheepdog she's wearing red, white, and blue ribbons in her hair. She enjoyed the All the President's Pups tour but was disappointed she couldn't go inside buildings. It's a dog's life! Fran Young, 2016
R. Parson
Dad & two daughters / sightseeing. R. Parson, 2017
Janet McLiverty
It was the first visit for our family to Mount Vernon. We planned to stop on our way to Hilton Head for spring break in April. We spent a great morning touring the mansion and grounds. My son was so excited to find the Griffin Tavern in the museum as his name is Griffin! Griffin and his Dad Matt are posing in front of Mount Vernon after our tour. We all learned more about our first President and his family and to see the artifacts and just walk through the home where they lived felt incredible. We have toured many Presidential homes but Mount Vernon is a very special place and we hope to make another trip soon! Janet McLiverty, 2019
Jan Taylor
Our niece on the front lawn in front of the wall. We would be going to the Smithsonian the next day to research a school project but staying in Alexandria prompted a tour of Mount Vernon. Jan Taylor, 2016
Dwight Dowson
everal excursions to MOUNT VERNON over the years. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR EXCEPTIONAL EFFORTS! THIS led to a life long pursuit to study Historic Preservation and promote the study of the United States. Specifically, the Providential and often misunderstood analysis. Sometimes mislaid, and misplaced due to many causes. Yet the certain and then the eventual formations. Powerful testimony of cultural clashing. Then the stories assciated of Persons from all Nations. The colorful story. They who determined their own powers and formed them to build and now wedo inherit with Gratitude nd forbearance... a great National Treasure. Our efforts depend upon accurate research of the colors and determinations of peoples contributing to this International Story 1700-1850. We here are indebited to you there! +Dwight L. Dowson, 937 818 9232, Maxwell World Wide Historical Films, Inc. 2020
Jan Taylor
A trip to DC for our niece to do research at the Smithsonian for a school project. But our 1st stop was a tour of Mount Vernon. Jan Taylor, 2016
Karen Kantor
You are never too old to enjoy a visit to George Washington’s Mount Vernon. Best friends got together to celebrate a “special” birthday. Meeting the owner of the property made it even more special! Karen Kantor, 2019
Priscilla Maxwell
The four children in the picture are my grandchildren. Two were visiting from St. Louis and two live In Arlington, VA. The cousins enjoyed their fun memorable visit to Mount Vernon. Priscilla Maxwell, 2019
Mike Cornette,
My wife, Linda, and I along with our longtime historian friend Captain Steve Campbell and wife, Deborah travel together as frequently as possible. We all enjoy our Captain’s rolling narrative and expertise revealed at most all venues. Campbell is a well known lecturer on topics from G.Washington’s lineage to George Armstrong Custer’s early life in Ohio and Michigan.I think Mount Vernon is beautiful and welcoming to visitors. We all love it there. Mike Cornette, 2017