Kerry Harding
My 6 year old granddaughter, Addie, had been studying about Mt. Vernon in school and wanted to see it in person. On a day off from school, I took her and her 4 year old brother, Hunter to visit. We spent four hours there and, at the end of our visit, Addie exclaimed, “It was just SO MUCH BETTER than I thought it would be!” Kerry Harding, 2018
Kathryn Adams
We live around the corner from Mount Vernon! We are so lucky to be able to visit whenever we like. This photo was taken right before Julian received his scavenger hunt. On this visit Julian was excited to learn that George Washington and him had something in common - a shared love of ice cream! Julian also was struck by the enslaved peoples’ monument, and learning about the enslaved people at Mount Vernon has helped build empathy in this six year old! Thanks for all you do to help children learn, Mount Vernon! Kathryn Adams, 2018
Steven Miller
Mount Vernon Place is one of my favorite sight seeing day trip. Love all the seasons here, especially the fireworks & Christmas. Steven Miller, 2012
Kate Best
We spent a wet, cold President’s Day at Mount Vernon. It was a fantastic family trip and we can’t wait to go back! Kate Best, 2018
iffany Vierra
My boys were the perfect ages to take on a trip to DC. We stayed in Georgetown which was fantastic! Literally between GW and Georgetown U. We were in DC the week before the Saturday Kavanaugh vote. We were part of history as we sat in Senate chambers and listened to Senator minority Shumer and Majority McConnel speak with n Kavanuagh! We entered Senate chambers right at 3pm EST when they began!!! I digress. Right after this picture was taken two bald eagles were flying over the bowling green. My oldest said “Maybe it’s George and Martha welcoming us!” We enjoyed exploring the property so much and sat in with Young Martha. We shared with her that we loved not far from the El Camino where the priests were establishing missions. Thank you for preserving this beautiful estate! We look forward to returning from Silicon Valley, CA soon!!! Tiffany Vierra, 2018
Susan Hellman
My mother and I visit when we can. She is 85 and attended first grade in a Mount Vernon garden outbuilding, taught by Marguerite Wall, wife of Resident Director Charles Cecil Wall. The Walls’ daughter Pat was her best friend. She spent many happy days at Mount Vernon and has some wonderful stories and memories. Susan Hellman, 2018
Theresa Tilton
Came to visit for the first time. Love sitting on the porch. Gave me such a peaceful and serene feeling looking out over the Potomac. What an amazing feeling to know we were enjoying the same view George and Martha Washington did!!My sister, mother, daughter and daughter in law are in the photo. I took the pictures. Can’t wait to visit again! Theresa Tilton, 2016
Stephanie Dempsey
This picture was from our family's first of many visits to Mt. Vernon. This was also the first time our family was introduced to Mt. Vernon's Hog Island Sheep. These are my children, Sean and Maggie, instantly falling in love! We were so fascinated with the long history of Hog Island Sheep, that two months after this picture was taken, we were adding our own small flock of Hog Island Sheep to our small farm in Western NY. Stephanie Dempsey, 2008
Claudine Edelblute
My husband and I along with our son Jack, now age 6, have attended Mount Vernon's Trick or Treat since he was a year old. Each year brings something special and memorable for this fun family event! One in particular happened in 2017. Jack was 3 and had the honor of meeting George Washington's personal secretary Colonel Tobias Lear. Conversation was abundant between both and lasted a long while which provided us great entertainment and great photos! Claudine Edelblute, 2017
Rebecca Maser
I grew up 5 miles from Mt. Vernon and I have visited many times in my life. My greatest joy though has been visiting with my children and getting to teach them the interesting aspects of the plantation and those who lived there. In 2017, my daughter and I were able to take the special tour "the women of Mt. Vernon" together and it was so interesting to share that experience with her. We both have shared some of the knowledge that we gained from that special tour and doing it together made it even more special. My daughter is now a college freshman and is majoring in history! My husband and my son both love coming to visit Mt. Vernon as well and we all have special memories of our trips together and individually. This photo of my daughter and I in July 2017 really is my favorite memory though, so far. Rebecca Maser, 2017
Laurie Smith
Taking the oath. Maybe he'll do it again January 2049! Laurie Smith, 2015
Laurie Smith
Another of a few submissions. Laurie Smith, 2015
Laurie Smith
Post Gift Shop. Laurie Smith, 2015
Joy Vogt
My best friends and I visiting the estate and sharing our love for Washington! Joy Vogt, 2020
Mount Vernon had an event with horses and hounds. It was a beautiful sunny day. Loved the event. I grew up near Mount Vernon and even rode my horse on the property back in the late 60's