Lauren Monto
That’s my son Max, then age 9, on his first trip to Mount Vernon. I’ve passed my love of George Washington on to him, and he was just as struck as I’ve always been, being in Washington’s home. He’s also a huge Hamilton the Musical fan, and was blown away by walking the same halls Lafayette did. Here he is taking in the same view Washington and Lafayette did. Lauren Monto, 2019
Courtney Alt
As a Northern Virginia resident, I am fortunate to live so close to one of America’s most beautiful restored homes. In May 2010 I was home on maternity leave after the birth of my daughter Kaitlyn. Before heading back to work we were going to celebrate her baptism over the long Memorial Day weekend, so that friends and family could make the trip to VA. My parents, Bob and Terri Jones, came a few days early to visit some of the local sites as well as spend time with their new granddaughter. While visiting on that warm spring day it came time to feed the baby. What a better place to stop and take in the beautiful sights on the piazza! Courtney Alt, 2010
Gemma Rose
Ssgt James Burton Moore and Gemma Rose are featured in this photo. Gemma at the time was in school for her Masters in Library Information Science and majored in archiving. She asked James if he would take her there because she wanted to use the new AI Mount Vernon just launched the week prior. Sadly due to poor weather they were unable to use the new technology. But even in the freezing rain they both still had a wonderful time touring the house and talking with docents. Gemma Rose, 2019
Jennifer Johnson
e took a family vacation to Washington DC over the July 4th holiday in 2018. We drove all night from Florida to DC. Our first stop was Mount Vernon. It was incredibly hot. We had a wonderful time We toured the mansion and the grounds. Our kids followed the map and loved getting a prize. Our youngest son who was 3 and a half at the time of the trip still calls Washington DC George Washington.. The people pictured are myself Jennifer Johnson and 4 of our 5 children Liberty, Elise, Gabriel, and Isaac. Our daughter Liberty bought a souvenir of George Washington's cat Liberty. She lost it and cried and cried. It truly was a highlight of our trip. We can't wait to come back. Jennifer Johnson, 2018
Lynn Patterson
Hubby was named individual to most resemble GW in stature on our mansion tour by the guide. Fam included husband, daughter and me. Relished view of Potomac on steamy August day! Lynn Patterson, 2019
Heather Blevins
We spent the last day of our Spring Break at Mt. Vernon- the day before it closed to the public because of Covid-19 closures. The weather was gorgeous and we had a wonderful day exploring the mansion and grounds. A great way to cap off our visit to Washington D.C. We will be back! Heather Blevins, 2020
Tracy Berry
My husband, daughter, and I visited during the Christmas holidays. It was our first trip to Mount Vernon. We loved it. We were en route to the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico. We were staying in Arlington and seeing all of the sights. Tracy Berry, 2019
Valerie Pelaez
La Mesa Jr High, Santa Clarita, Ca. 2018 Washington DC field trip. Valerie Pelaez, 2018
Melanie Marchand
This trip was with 8th graders from Rensselaer IN. This is an annual trip for the school. Melanie Marchand, 2019
 Kim Dowdy
We had a great time completing the scavenger hunt to become master spies. Visited in spring of 2017 with 5th graders from Meadowthorpe Elementary in Lexington, KY. Kim Dowdy, 2017
Franny Lettieri-Levy
3 generational "girls" trip with my mom, sister, and daughters. We are Philadelphia natives and enjoy our local historical sites, but my sister recently moved to Alexandria and what better way for history junkies to help her become acquainted with her new town! We have a particular interest in the Revolutionary War period and the early 19th Century, so visiting Mount Vernon was a treat. We can't wait to return! Franny Lettieri-Levy, 2020
Whitney Ward
Each year in April since 2007 I’ve taken a group of Safety Patrol students to Mount Vernon. This was our first year to miss. Whitney Ward, 2019
Nancy Carlson
This is my daughter Dr. Cindy Carlson who just the day before arrived in Jamestown Virginia after biking across the United States solo from Washington State to Virginia! It was a first time visit for both of us! We had a wonderful time touring the buildings and farm. Nancy Carlson, 2018