We were at Mt. Vernon on Feb.12, 2020. We retired in Oct. of 2019, and hit the road to historical sites. We loved Mount Vernon. Your wonderful fifer played Nothing Could Be Finer than to be in Carolina when he found out we were from S.C. We loved the restaurant you have. We actually ate there two evenings. My husband is in the picture. Your museum is awesome!
Our kids, Tatum and Knox, in colonial costumes at Halloween trick or treating at Mt Vernon. We live 2 miles away on the old Muddy Hole Farm and adore getting to Mt Vernon.
This is a photo of my daughter, Deven Kirby, laying a wreath at the grave of George and Martha Washington in August 2000. This was our first family vacation to the Virginia and Washington DC area and the second Presidential grave to visit. It was an honor to have Deven raise the flag at Mount Vernon on that day, as well as the honor to lay the wreath at their grave site. Before traveling we inquired about activities at Mount Vernon for Girl Scout participation and was pleased to learn about the opportunity for the wreath laying and raising the flag.
I am a police detective in Clearwater, Florida. I took a trip to Virginia in February 2017 to visit my two sons. Adam, who is now in the Army, was attending George Mason at the time and Luke was an RN (now NP) working at VCU Medical Center in Richmond. I am a huge American Colonial era history fan and the three of us visited Mt. Vernon for the first time. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience there and look forward to visiting again!
It was the annual wreath laying at the tomb by the Tall Cedars of Lebanon which is a Masonic related organization.
Laurie Smith
This is my 2nd submission responding to a FB invitation to submit photos. My husband, son, and I visited May 24, 2015 and the weather was perfect. This photo is a screenshot of my post for the day so it has its own caption of what we learned. Love this project! Let me know if you would like more pictures for the archive but I'm sure you have jillions. Hope everyone is staying healthy & safe! Laurie Smith, 2015
Susan Des Jardins
The Garden Weekend! Buying plants from Mount Vernon is an annual tradition. My husband Tom. We live on the original farm and feel a commitment to honoring George Washington in this manner. We plant strawberries, herbs, and flowers. From Mount Vernon to our home. Susan Des Jardins, 2017
Clare Dean
This was a trip from the UK for my 50th birthday with my husband Andy and my in-laws. We also visited friends who live in Mount Vernon. Best trip ever. Clare Dean, 2017
Laura Dalrymple
In 2017 my 2 kids were living in NC with their dad and it was a big change for all of us. Their step dad Ron and I flew out there, picked them up in a rented car and spent a great spring break in DC. The tornado hit the tidal basin the night we arrived! The icing on our trip cake was visiting Mount Vernon. We wanted to understand Washington better and see what captivated his heart the way Mt Vernon did. Laura Dalrymple, 2017
Hannah Halbert
This is me and my friend Colleen! We visited Mount Vernon in July of 2019. It was both of our first times visiting the mansion, and it was awesome to see! We also took the “National Treasure Tour” which is an amazing tour! Hannah Halbert, 2019
Tracey Mayfield
We enjoy visiting the ground. This photo is of my husband and middle son watching the blacksmith. This was their favorite activity. It was like two little kids. This was a year before my husband had a stroke. And we are trying to get back and see the house and grounds again. It’s a happy place for my husband. Tracey Mayfield, 2017
Brady Snyder
We visited Mt. Vernon Veteran’s Day Weekend 2013. My father, Lt. Sean Snyder, was given a rose as an active duty naval pilot and the picture feature him laying it at the tomb of President Washington, with my little sister helping. It was a powerful moment watching my father and other veterans lay their rose at the tomb of the first Commander-in-Chief. Brady Snyder, 2013
Tiffany Allenbach,
Flat Stanley school project for My cousin’s son in Vicksburg, MS. November 2019. Tiffany Allenbach, 2019