Alex Nagy
Our favorite place being at Mount Vernon. My wife and I. It was our history tour of Virginia. Alex Nagy, 2012
Samuel Osterhaud
This is the second photo I have uploaded. During our family trips to presidential & other historical locations around Virginia. This is my rather "large" father standing next to one of the largest trees on the Mount Vernon grounds.
Kaitlyn Bolan
This is my dog Fenway (Super Man Costume.) We went to Mt.Vernon that day for the dog Trick it Treating and a tour of the grounds with the history of George Washington and his pups. Fenway’s girlfriend, Martha Washington, bound around the corner and surprised us! Neither of us knew the other would be there. Such a fun surprise on a great day. Kaitlyn Bolan, 2019
Colleen Platowksi
This is our son Liam who was 8 at the time and is a huge history buff and loves Presidents. His choice for vacation that year was Washington so we could visit historic sites and Mount Vernon was one of our favorite places to visit. Colleen Platowksi, 2018
Kathy Boyle
This photo was taken at the Colonial Market & Fair in November 2018. The Market was originally scheduled in September, but hurricane Florence had other plans.. It was a chilly, but beautiful day at Mount Vernon when this kind gentleman delighted young and old alike with his many adventures in rodent wrangling...Love Mount Vernon!! Kathy Boyle, 2018
Kevin Ambrose
I've taken many photos of Mount Vernon over the years but this one is my favorite. The heavy fog sets a peaceful and serene mood. The photo was taken December 23, 2014 at noon. I find it remarkable that the grass looked so good for late December and there were no people in view. I think the heavy fog kept many people home that day. My family and I had a wonderful visit that day. Kevin Ambrose, 2014
Bill Underwood
This is from the 8th grade trip of Loftis Middle School from Chattanooga, TN. We had a great group who had the privilege of meeting the General’s personal secretary. Mount Vernon is a yearly highlight for us. Bill Underwood, 2017
Kevin Ambrose
My family has a tradition to visit Mount Vernon every Christmas Eve for a tour of the mansion, to take a family photo in the yard and to have lunch at the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant. We always stand in the same order for the photo and it's the family Christmas card photo we use the following year. The photos show me, my wife, Elisa, and two sons, Brad and Michael. Kevin Ambrose, 2009
Kristy Granzow
My son Caleb loved running around Mount Vernon in his cap during reenactment weekends. He still talks about going back and participating when he grows up. Kristy Granzow, 2015
Anita Grant
Cousins! We love Mount Vernon at Christmas time!! Anita Grant, 2018
Lisa Binzel
My husband and I brought our young grandniece to Mount Vernon to meet Aladdin right before Christmas. It was an unseasonably warm day and we had the best time wandering the grounds, visiting the Mansion and touring the Education Center. Lisa Binzel, 2017
Kristen Masten
Masten and Combs Children. Sharing the love of history with the younger generation. Kristen Masten, 2019
Emily Ramsey
This was during my senior year of high school. I was in Washington D.C. for the national We the People competition. Connecticut placed in the top 10 in the nation so we stayed an extra day to compete at Capitol Hill. My teacher and coach, Ms. Katie Boland knew I loved George Washington so she surprised the class that we would be going to Mount Vernon! I was so surprised and grateful. It was a wonderful mix as we were debating over government and U.S. History; I’m sure Washington would have been proud. Emily Ramsey, 2016
Mary Uldrich
I did the patriot run 5k. It was amazing how the military was highlighted in a positive manner. And there was a guy playing his fife during the race. One of the best races I've done. Mary Uldrich, 2019
Jasha Foster
My family traveled from Texas to Washington DC over Thanksgiving break in 2019. My boys, Jett and Jake, became very interested in George Washington during a Social Studies project in school. We visited DC to see all of the monuments and memorials and knew we had to plan a visit to Mount Vernon! It was a great experience for our family. We learned even more about our first president and the amazing man he was. The entire property is so fun to explore and it was our favorite part of the entire trip! Jasha Foster, 2019