Teresa Osborne
Here are my daughters and I on the piazza for cocktail hour during the Teacher Institute Reunion event over the 4th of July holiday. I first came to Mount Vernon in 2015 and then again in 2016 for the Teacher's Institutes. In the summer of 2017 and 2018, I returned as one of the Teacher Fellows. I wanted my daughters to see and experience Mount Vernon so they would know how much I love the place. Thanks to Allison, Zerah and the rest of the Education and Library staff for making the reunion event possible. Teresa Osborne, 2019
JaLaine Lowe
My daughter Addison and I traveled to the Washington DC area for the first time in July 2018. Our trip was to celebrate her High School Graduation. Mount Vernon was one of our favorite places to visit! JaLaine Lowe, 2018
Lisa Quade
This was my then 5 year old son's first trip to Mount Vernon in April 2018. He loves George Washington. Well, he loves all of the presidents, but George Washington is his favorite. We knew we had to take him to Mount Vernon. He loved it! I will always remember that first trip with him to Mount Vernon and how special it was for him to be where his hero once lived.His fifth birthday was president themed with a George Washington cake and life size cutout. He's 7 now and still loves George Washington and all of the presidents! He can name them all and their numbers and middle names and random facts. We try to take him to Mount Vernon at least once a year. He celebrates George Washington's birthday every year by dressing up as George Washington and having cupcakes. He's even written a little book on George Washington. We can't wait for you to open again so we can visit! From George Washington's biggest (little) fan. Lisa Quade, 2018
Laurie Smith
My husband and son in May, 2015. The 5yo had newly become obsessed with the presidents, especially George. On our Presidential Home/Historic adventures, we always buy a T-Shirt then wear that shirt to the next location. This was our second stop - the first had been the FDR home in Hyde Park NY since we live fairly nearby. Five years and about 50 stops later, we can't wait to come back to Mount Vernon. (Yes, we're drowning in T-Shirts.) Laurie Smith, 2015
Erica Kurowski
My husband, my two sons (ages 3 and 7), and myself went to Mount Vernon in August 2019. My oldest son had been begging to go see Mount Vernon after learning about Thomas Jefferson in school, and then reading the book "Who Was Thomas Jefferson" cover to cover several times. So, we picked a weekend before my husband was set to deploy and made the trip from Williamsburg. My son was so excited, and kept telling facts to our tour guide. My son would add on facts in every room. He was amazed by everything we saw and was excited to be walking the same grounds as the former President. He was even surprised to learn some new facts about President Jefferson, and was tickled by the life-size statue at the bus station so that he could see how tall Mr. Jefferson was compared to all of us! He still talks of how much he can't wait to go back, since there was no way to see it all in one day, and since he could spend almost all day in the Discovery exhibit as well! Erica Kurowski, 2019
Rosanne Zajko
My daughter and I enjoy the Spring Wine Festival. We love sitting on the lawn to "raise a glass for freedom," touring the house and grounds and seeing the General and Lady Washington. Rosanne Zajko, 2016
Kenneth Blum
Attending a Teacher Fellowship (a remarkable opportunity in itself), I got to spend the evenings on the property. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was sipping Madeira on the back porch overlooking the Potomac! Never forget this! Kenneth Blum, 2017
Amy Hudak
We became members shortly after moving to the area in summer 2019. Mt. Vernon is easily my favorite place in the national capital region. It’s so peaceful and beautiful and a step away from the hectic DC pace. My two kids refer to it as “the big white house with the tree we play by.” Whenever we bring them they immediately want to play under the big trees by the overlook. They play endlessly while I take in the view from the shade. This picture is my daughter holding her Elmo up so he can look at the water too. Even Elmo gets to enjoy the serenity of the Potomac River! Amy Hudak, 2019
Kenneth Blum
A year after my teacher fellowship, I was anxious to share my excitement with my family. Pictured are my daughters Grace (left) and Emily. They learned so much more about Colonial life and George Washington in our visit than they ever could've gleaned from textbooks! A magical step back through history! Kenneth Blum, 2018
Patricia Garza
My son wanted to look at some instruments that were on display in the visitors center. I let him go on ahead. When I arrived, he was halfway through a song, playing the drum along with fifer Don. Don was so impressed he had my son play another song with him. It was the highlight of his summer trip to Mount Vernon. I still have the two videos I took of them playing together. Don is such a great man. We can’t wait to go back! Patricia Garza, 2019
Patricia Garza
In the photo is my daughter who was 11 at the time. This was the first trip for my children to Mount Vernon. She had been slightly bored until this young woman came by and was going to clean the wheat. She immediately drew my daughter's interest and even allowed her to help clean the wheat. My daughter thought it was so much fun, she plans on applying for an internship when she finishes high school in a few years. My children and I both love Mount Vernon and cannot wait to go back again someday! Patricia Garza, 2019
Lynn Schmidthuber
My son the Captain of the 3rd Pa Regiment and a fellow officer during Rev War weekend 2019. Lynn Schmidthuber, 2019
Jenny Traweek
I was so lucky to do the teacher institute there. We all went and watched the sunrise over the Potomac and drank coffee on Washington's porch. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had and enjoyed everything I learned there. I love all the amazing resources you give to teachers and the valuable experiences we can gain from doing one of your teacher programs. Jenny Traweek, 2018
Alan Porter
My three friends and I visited on New Year’s Day morning in 2012, arriving just as the estate opened. We had the mansion all to ourselves for a while. You can see two of us sitting on the piazza enjoying the view. Alan Porter, 2012
Patty Greene,
In October, 2016, I had the honor of accompanying a group of Vietnam-era Navy veterans, the VAPPERS, on a trip to Mount Vernon. They hailed from all parts of the country and the trip to Mount Vernon was part of their annual reunion. My father, pictured in the photo frame, who was a member of the VAPPERS, passed away in 2014, and I was invited to join their group in his memory. Everyone enjoyed the history associated with Mount Vernon, as well as the awesome views. Patty Greene, 2016