Alice Wang
Typically on Christmas Day, we'll spend it with my parents. However, they took a trip in December 2018 so we found ourselves spending Christmas Day in 2018 alone. We decided to drive down to Mount Vernon in the morning, and we brought our golden retriever puppy, Brinkley, with us. Brinkley was dressed in his Christmas pajamas. He loved exploring the expansive grounds with us, and we took a photo of him in front of the mansion. Alice Wang, 2018
James Ballentine
This was actually my second visit to Mount Vernon, but my first to share it with my two adult daughters Courtney and Jordan. All three of us are lovers of American history, and we each had to fly from different parts of the country to share this experience (Little Rock, Chicago and San Diego). A highlight for all of us other than walking thru the mansion itself, was to happen upon a wreathlaying ceremony at the Slave Memorial, which was attended by many descendants of the actual slaves who lived at Mount Vernon. It truly was a great experience to share with them. James Ballentine, 2019
Frances Lettieri-Levy
We took a girls’ trip with my mom, sister, and daughters. My sister lives a few miles from Mt. Vernon, and it was a perfect place to stop for history lovers! We can’t wait to return. Frances Lettieri-Levy, 2020
Jay Anderson
A decade of visits -- first year and last year of the 2010s ... My wife and I began dating in 1999. One of our first dates was to visit Mount Vernon just before Christmas during the Bicentennial commemoration of the death of George Washington. Since our marriage and starting a family, we have taken our 4 children to Mount Vernon on several occasions. (We have a family membership, which we've used 5 times within the past year.) These photos were taken during visits in 2010 and 2019, and feature our sons, Jamie and Aidan, and our older daughter, Mary Virginia. Our youngest child, Grace, was asleep in a baby stroller for the 2010 photo, and also didn't make it into the recreated 2019 photo. Jay Anderson, 2010
Heather Miner
Kenyon is a George Washington super fan. From his first day visiting Mount Vernon he loved touring the house, walking the grounds, and exploring the much so that we purchased a family membership. Kenyon poured over the beautiful photos in the book members receive, many bed times have been spent reading him excerpts. One particular memorable day at Mount Vernon was getting a chance to meet Kenyon’s favorite historical figure at the 2019 George Washington Birthday Celebration. Kenyon hoped to meet Washington so he chose to wear his costume to be just like him. In a truly touching moment their paths crossed. Kenyon is diagnosed with selective mutism which makes it hard for him to talk when anxious/nervous so we were so proud of him finding the courage and few words to greet George Washington. Washington briefly talked with Kenyon and took a photo with him. The moment was small, but it was big Kenyon. To this day he continues to read books about Washington, dress up like him, and take his GW doll on adventures around the house. We feel lucky to live so close to such an educational, fun, and beautiful place. Heather Miner, 2019
Gena Simpson
My sister LeAnn Malecha and I were in Washington, D.C. for a golf outing. I teach 5th grade Social Studies and my passion for George Washington is clear to all my students and family. I enjoy sharing my passion and enthusiasm with all who will listen. Being a part of his home was just the best. Gena Simpson, 20198
Danae Smyth
My husband and I came to Mount Vernon in September of 2019. We both love history and felt there was no better place to end our trip to the area. I had been to Mount Vernon as a child and loved it. As an adult, there was even more wonder, excitement, and learning opportunities then I remembered. This is a picture from of Mrs. Washington and me. I hope we can come back again soon. Danae Smyth, 2019
Katie Burke
My sister and I came for her birthday. We loved the grounds and our favorite room was Martha’s bedroom. Katie Burke, 2017
Roger Dillon
My youngest son, Luke, and I took a father/son high school graduation trip to Washington DC and Mount Vernon. Luke shares my interest in American politics and history. We had a great time and he said that Mount Vernon was his favorite part of the trip. It also brought back memories for me of when my parents took me to visit Mount Vernon in the mid 1970’s. Roger Dillon, 2019
Karen Haizlett
Benjamin (3) and Natalie (1) first time visiting Mount Vernon in May 2019. They went with their Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma, and Great Uncle. Their mom works in the museum field and they love to take advantage of all the history Virginia has to offer. Karen Haizlett, 2019
Katy Seifried
We visited Mount Vernon on our way back from a beach trip with extended family including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. This picture is the set of cousins. They had a blast running and playing in the back yard of Mount Vernon! Katie Seifried, 2018
Margaret Tapolcsanyi
July 4, 2019 on the Bowling Green. We're waiting for General Washington to inspect the troops. It was my husband's first time to Mount Vernon. I love it there so much and I was excited to share it with him. The 4th of July celebration there was wonderful! The daytime fireworks were a first for both of us, really unusual and fun to watch. Margaret Tapolcsanyi, 2019
Aly Riley
The photo is a picture of my first ever trip to Mount Vernon. I am a graduate student, earning my Masters degree in American history and my favorite part of history is the colonial era/American Revolution. I loved learning even more about George Washington and my thesis is even based on the Culper Spy Ring. I visit Virginia 3 times a year, but this was mine and my mom’s first trip here and we were in such awe. From the visitors center to the gorgeous back patio, we fell in love and can’t wait to come back! Aly Riley, 2019
Tanya Paini
We had the best time at Washington’s Birthday celebration! My daughter got to lead the pledge at his tomb, which is something we will never forget. But honesty, the best part of her day is when we told her she could sneak back across the lawn and grab another piece of birthday cake! Her face in that picture is priceless to me! She was so excited and in her mind she’d just won the lottery. Fantastic day all around. Thanks for the memories. Tanya Paini, 2017