Laura Hundley
I took my daughters to see the Christmas decorations & fireworks celebration. Laura Hundley, 2018
Kathryn Smith
We live near The Mansion, and have enjoyed frequent family afternoons at Mt Vernon for years. We learn something new each time we visit. This snapshot of our son, was our holiday card back in 1999! Kathryn Smith, 1999
Becki Chambers
Felicia enjoys saying hello to the sheep at Mount. Vernon. Becki Chambers, 2018
Becki Chambers
Felicia enjoying her day of trick-or-treating at Mount Vernon. Becki Chambers, 2019
Becki Chambers
We moved to Lorton in 2018. Shortly thereafter, we became members of Mount Vernon. We really enjoy taking our dog Felicia for walks on the grounds. This is the picture we used for our 2018 Christmas card. Becki Chambers, 2019
Kristen Culp
This is a picture of my 4th great uncle Peter Cornell (far right), his wife Ann, and two unidentified persons visiting Washington's tomb around 1860. Peter was from Columbus, Ohio, later served as an officer commanding the 22nd Ohio battery when he was killed in battle June 1864. Kristen Culp, 1860
Candace Schmidt
It was mother's day and we had a wonderful brunch at the Mount Vernon Inn before touring the house and grounds. Candace Schmidt, 2014
Anne Collins
Our family is local to Mount Vernon and visit every week! My husband's father helped re-paint Mount Vernon in the 1980s. Unfortunately, my daughter never got to meet her grandfather, but she does love to play on the grounds with her friends. They are especially fond of the "Tulip Poplar" and love to have their picture taken as they clamber over the long roots. What a gift to be connected to her family, and to be surrounded by the history of our nation's beginning. I am grateful my daughter will get to grow up roaming George Washington's house and grounds as her grandfather did. Anne Collins, 2020
Sarah Guthrie
Photo IDs: R-L--Hannah DiGioia, Sarah Guthrie (me), and Elizabeth DiGioa . This is a photo of me and my two cousins when they came to visit us and tour the DC area. I was really excited about showing them one of my favorite spots, Mt. Vernon! I loved dressing up in period clothes, so of course, we all had to get in costume! I love that Mt. Vernon has provided these types of opportunities for so many people! Sarah Guthrie, 2003
Mark Molli
My wife and I attended the advance screening of “Washington” on the History Channel and afterward I had the honor of speaking with Doris Kearns Goodwin at the reception. The documentary was very well done and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening. Mark Molli, 2020
David Hunn
My wife, Jocelyn, and I are Cupola Society members and we frequently walk the Mount Vernon Estate with our black labrador, Sally. Having lived in the Washington D.C. area for over 35 years, we feel fortunate to live so close to President Washington's home and to able to visit so often. We bring every out-of-town guest to walk the Estate with us and to enjoy the view of the Potomac River from the back portico. David Hunn, 2020
Jen Tousey
04/10/17 Sage Tousey, realizing her dream of being a Colonial Spy. It was such my pleasure to bring my husband and daughter to Mount Vernon for their first time and share with them one of my favorite places from my childhood. We also brought my parents. This particular trip sparked something in us. We were so inspired by the trip we created a family blog to showcase unique family vacations in American History. Ways to teach and learn, bond as a family, and become better American citizens. It's changed the center of our lives and we could not be happier. Jen Tousey, 2017
Anne Walker
Riley and Avery love Mt Vernon. Every trip we focus on a different area and do new things. We have been to Mt Vernon several times and see new things every trip and revisit favorite places. Anne Walker, 2018
Ronald Fleischer
My wife and I visited Mt Vernon for the Fourth of July celebration in 2018 - it was really nice and though we aren’t in the photo you can see the crowd that gathered that night! A great place to visit - thank you !!!! Ronald Fleischer, 2018
Leopoldo Victoria
Me and wife. We were excited to know George Washington place and their tomb. Leopoldo Victoria, 2019