Cynthia Engles
My daughter, Alexandra on her 10th birthday wish trip to Mt. Vernon. Her middle name is Washington (after George Washington himself). It is a tradition passed down in her father’s family that started because her great-great grandfather was so proud to have immigrated from Italy to America! She’s also a lover of all American History. Cynthia Engles, 2020
Shauna Whipps
My friend Brandy and I. My 2nd time to Mount Vernon. A must-go-to when I'm in DC! Shauna Whipps, 2014
Don Gamble
This is a group of students I traveled with from Haysville, KS. For 25 years I have taken students to DC and Mt Vernon is always a highlight of the trip. Don Gamble, 2019
Every year my husband and I attend the spring wine festival and it’s our favorite way to celebrate! Last year we invited other couples to help us enjoy our celebration! My best friends and their husbands joined in on the fun it was a night to remember! We were all a little sad to not be able to go this year, hoping we can get back to our fav place soon!! Amanda Thompson, 2019
Jennifer Beirdneau
This photo was taken on Christmas Day 2013. It is my mom, my dad, me, and my husband. What we didn’t know at that time is that it would be my dad’s last Christmas. My dad passed on May 1, 2014 - it was not expected.My dad loved history and Mt. Vernon was one of his favorite places. My husband and I lived in Maryland at that time and felt that visit would be a great visit for him for Christmas as he was feeling well and he had a blast. The third floor was open- to view the cupola- he couldn’t make it that far but I took pictures for him! It was a great Christmas! Thank you for the beautiful memories! Jennifer Beirdneau, 2013
Garion Taylor
This is a photo from our annual 6th grade school trip! We travel each summer to DC from Lufkin, TX and Mount Vernon is always one of our favorite stops ! We hope to be there again this September!!! Garion Taylor, 2019
Mallory Messina
I was visiting my friend Michael in DC. My little sister happened to be coming to town for work and we wanted to surprise her with a fun adventure. When we pulled up to the airport, the line “George Washington’s going home” from Hamilton was cued up and she immediately knew we were heading to Mt Vernon. Everyone was tired and cranky when we arrived and it was blazing hot outside, but once we got our seats on the porch overlooking the Potomac, we relaxed and laughed and soaked it all in. We had a great day and made some great memories. Mallory Messina, 2017
Emily Swain
Our 10 year old son, Christopher, was sent a Flat Stanley from his friend in Rhode Island. He was asked to bring Flat Stanley to a famous, historic site in Virginia and have his picture taken. “We HAVE to take him to George Washington’s home!” It is always wonderful to visit Mount Vernon, but this was an extra special trip to share its history with a friend. Emily Swain, 2020
Kelly Seba
Josh, enjoying George Washington's teeth. Kelly Seba, 2016
Mary Edith Malin
We are members and love all of the educational opportunities at Mt. Vernon. We are here once a month. What a national treasure! Mary Edith Malin, 2019
Keith Robinson
The class of 2020 - I’m fortunate enough visit Mount Vernon each year with my 8th grade students. The class of 2020 was a phenomenal group of kids, who I hated to see leave my building and go to the high school. This photo was taken at the wharf in May 2016. I feel so badly for this group: no graduation ceremony, no grad parties, no senior season sports. Keith Robinson, 2016
Kelly Seba
Josh and Emmy enjoying a spectacular view. Kelly Seba, 2016
Anna Hendrickso
My husband and I wanted to share a special trip to Mt.Vernon to see my brother who is in the Navy. We brought with us our newborn son, Sean, and his brother Victor. We got very lucky that morning as it had lightly snowed in D.C. and we were the first tourist in the mansion that day. I have long held George Washington as a personal hero of mine and this was my 3rd trip back to the estate. I will forever appreciate all the work the staff at Mount Vernon do and the services they provide to the country! Anna Hendrickson, 2020
Audrey Zimmerman
My husband Matthew playing tour guide to my brother and his wife visiting from Brazil. Audrey Zimmerman, 2017