Grace Schaefermeier
This is my husband and daughter, enjoying a sunny April day on the lawn of the Mansion 24 years ago. We live near Mt. Vernon and have had annual passes almost every year since that time! Grace Schaefermeier, 1996
Katelyn Benton
I landed an internship for the spring of 2020 in Congress. I had never been to Mount Vernon, so I knew that I had to come during my time in DC. I first went on President’s Day, and I loved it so much that I came back later that week on Washington’s Birthday. It’s a great historical location and I look forward to going back one day. Katelyn Benton, 2020
Amanda Earle
Maybelle (my dog) and I are members of Mount Vernon. We moved to NOVA back in 2018, and it was one of the first things we did! We love taking walks around the property on nice days and she loves to see the animals! Amanda Earle, 2020
Marcelle Semann
Visiting this gorgeous place with the family. Marcelle Semann, 2014
 Catherine Votovich
This is a photo of me from my trip to Mount Vernon last summer in front of the mansion. I was entering into my junior year of college as History major with a certification in Secondary Education. I hadn't been to Mount Vernon for nearly 7 years and I was absolutely overjoyed that I managed to sneak away from work as a tutor for a weekend and go visit my "happy place." I am an early American History nerd and George Washington is one of my favorite historical figures to study as he is full of complexities and a part of so many of our nation's "firsts." Mount Vernon never fails to amaze me; every time I go, there is something new to do, see, and learn! I hope to one day use some of the knowledge I have learned over my many visits to Mount Vernon in my classroom one day and inspire a new generation of learners. Catherine Votovich, 2019
Sandra Knoerlein
My husband and I took the boat tour from the National Harbor. They gave us some history on the way and what a magnificent sight to see the mansion on the water. Very informative tour about all the history. I felt privileged to have been there. Sandra Knoerlein, 2019
Alejandra Orteg
I have the privilege to live at the Mt. Vernon Neighborhood! Mt. Vernon is my favorite place to visit with my family and friends coming here for vacation from Mexico City and Bolivia!! Alejandra Ortega, 2019
Lynn Schmidthuber
My son Sam was there as Dean Malissa's (George Washington's) aide de camp for Rev War Weekend. A little girl approached him and asked if she could wear his soldier "dress." Lynn Schmidthuber, 2018
Carolyn Davis
Stopped on way back from Wing Family Reunion in Sandwich Massachusetts. Visited Mt Vernon and loved the Behind The Scenes National Treasure Tour. That was so fun and interesting!!!! We also visited John Adams homes on way to Mt Vernon. I love history!!!!! Carolyn Davis, 2017
Heather Benson White Meadows
Photo Credit: Harry G. Benson. This photo was taken at the slave memorial. Mount Vernon has done such a great public service by opening a dialogue about those that helped build this nation but were silenced to history. I have been able to have open conversations with my son about this horrendous part of our history without negating its unforgivable necessity to our agricultural independence. Heather Benson White Meadows, 2012
Paul Chronister
I was new to the DC area and on a solo trip to Mount Vernon. I was awestruck by the beauty of Washington’s home and the view of the Potomac. Paul Chronister, 2012
Joseph Phillips
Our family just missed Mount Vernon during our trip to Washington DC the year prior, and the following January we made mild resolutions to be more active physically. Providence intervened and I was alerted to the Patriot Run to be held in the fall at Mount Vernon. It was raining that day, which only added to the experience. I ran the 10k (my first ever), my wife ran the 5k, and our three children ran the fun run. We toured the estate, were sure to purchase some keepsakes in the souvenir shop, but the highlight for me was getting a family picture with the general himself. We returned again in 2019 for the Patriot Run, where I ran the 10k again, and my wife along with all three of our children ran the 5k. Each visit is a new experience. You see something new, hear a new story, or in some way learn something new. Hopefully this year we can make it a threepeat at the 2020 Patriot Run if it is held. Joseph Phillips, 2018
Robin Shepherd
Our family made our first trip to the DC area in the summer of 2019. Mt. Vernon was one of our favorite places. My daughter and I had just finished a garden tour and our fabulous tour guide took this picture of us. Robin Shepherd, 2019
Amelia Eudy
We had just moved to Virginia and visited Mount Vernon for the first time on July 4, 2014 with our 3 children (our 4th was born just 3 weeks later) It was such a special place, and we became members for our 4 years there. Now, living in Italy, we have great memories of that historic homestead on the Potomac! Amelia Eudy, 2014
Karen Morris
We came to DC for the week of 4th of July. The first for all but my wife. My daughter Sofie has to write a paper on George Washington and has been interested in him ever since. So we stopped at Mount Vernon on our way home. We all enjoyed it very much and learned a lot! Karlen Morris, 2018