Jolyn McLaughlin
My daughter Dana just graduated from college in Texas and started working for the UNF in DC. My first trip to see her was July 2017. As a history teacher one of my must-sees was Mt Vernon. It was a hot July day but worth it! Jolyn McLaughlin, 2017
Kaleb Wilson
George Washington is my hero. Patriotism and a chance to honor him were just two reasons why I visited George Washington's Mount Vernon. To learn more about history and to enjoy the beauty of the estate were also reasons to make the trip. I had the great honor of laying a wreath at George Washington's tomb. To stand beside him and to pay my respects to him is a memory that I shall never forget. The proudest moment of my life. Kaleb Wilson, 2016
Richard Bray
I was at Mt. Vernon many years ago. In this photo is an original General Washington Last Will & Testament printed in February 1800 by Isaiah Thomas. Included in this display from my personal collection is an 18thc. Quill pen, a hand written document by George Washington, a G.W. Inaugural Button, a War Dept. Envelope free franked by Tobias Lear as War Secretary and another pamphlet by Isaiah Thomas in 1801 containing the life of Gen. Washington in it. Mt. Vernon greatly influenced my desire to concentrate my study of American history! It is there I desire to retire my collection in whole if they would have it for permanent display there upon my accession when that time comes along with other original period items G.W. related. Sincerely, Richard Bray, 2020
Robert Linder
My wife Val and I are shown here at the 2019 Spring Wine Festival and Sunset tour with General and Lady Washington. We are frequent visitors to the Estate and Gardens. In fact, I began visiting Mount Vernon in 1964. Regardless of when we visit whether it’s for an event such as the one pictured or just to tour the estate/museum exhibits, we always feel like we are in the presence of George and Martha Washington. Robert Linder, 2019
Diane Gettys,
This photo was taken June 2013. This is my son Matthew, who was 8 years old when we brought him to Mount Vernon. He was very interested in the Presidents at the time, and loved his visit. I have been to Mount Vernon 4 times myself, and continue learn and see with each visit. I look forward to our next visit, and am currently enjoying following MV via twitter and the website. Thank You!! Diane Gettys, 2013
Mark Scoone
In this photo my nephew Garrett & I were setting off on a weeklong trip to follow G.Ws route of his 1770 trip to explore lands in the Ohio country. It took us 1 week to make our way to Point Pleasant W.V. It would take Washington & his party 9 weeks & 1 day to complete this trip. Along with G.W. was his good friend James Craik, as well as Billy Lee. A great, but little known story of Washington's life. Mark Scoone, 2017
Elliot Bell-Krasner
For over six years I worked for an organization called The American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL), a nonprofit that conducts international political exchange programs in an effort to foster bilateral and multilateral diplomacy and cross-cultural communication. I would often bring my delegations to Mount Vernon. This picture, taken in the spring of 2017, is of one of my groups of Professional Fellows from SE Asia. They came from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand and spent six weeks in the US. We took a trip to Mt. Vernon at the end of their program and were lucky enough to visit on a day when photos were allowed inside the mansion itself. Chances are, we were the most geographically, and culturally diverse group that visited on that day, and our fellows thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Elliot Bell-Krasner, 2017
Deb Archambault
My favorite Mother's Day spot! Love Mt. Vernon and love spending it with my family every year! Deb Archambault, 2018
Skyler Noe
If I could only put down what my heart truly feels. I love Mount Vernon. I feel at home there. I’ve loved George Washington since I was 6. My love has never died. It’s grown! Mount Vernon lets me experience so many incredible things, and creates special memories for me. I’ve been visiting since 2017. In that time I’ve been lucky enough to attend some incredible events that have enriched my soul. Such as: Colonial Market & Fair, The Patriot Run, Rev War Weekend, July 4th, Fall Harvest, and George Washington’s Birthday!! I’ve been studying George Washington for years now and Mount Vernon is the best for research. My 1st visit I will never forget. The nerves, the excitement, the happy tears. Mount Vernon is my Disney World. It’s where I long to be. My happy place. I couldn’t pick just one photo so I made a collage, and even that’s not enough! I’ve gained knowledge and friendships. I love all of the staff. I’ve never had a bad experience. I chose the 3 pics on the left because it’s a must to get a pic with the general and family. Top middle: The Piazza is my safe zone. A place to clear my mind and it’s beautiful. Middle photo: it was Rev War Weekend and his home is behind me. Doesn’t get much better than that. Bottom middle: A special pic to be so close to the Key to Bastille. Top Right: It’s just a powerful pic for me. Middle Right: Dean. He’s just simply put, the closest I’ll ever feel in my life to the real George Washington. Lower Right: My 2018 1st 5k race, and a hurricane was on the way during it. Point is Mount Vernon is special. It’s magical. It’s history at your fingertips. It’s important. And now I’m apart of its past and hopefully it’ future. Skyler Noe, 2017
Kathy Lindquist
My husband and I became members when we moved to Maryland. We had so much out of town company who wanted to tour Mount Vernon when they visited, it seemed the sensible thing to do and we loved it! Kathy Lindquist, 2019
Robert Landrum
Ramona and I love to see the lambs of the Hog Island sheep. They are great way to greet Spring. Robert Landrum, 2019
Phyllis Wilson
One year ago, April 11, 2019 - my 80-year-old father visited Mount Vernon to see the Cherry Blossoms and tour the grounds. Phyllis Wilson, 2019
Karen Wetzel
We regularly visit Mount Vernon and are so appreciative of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association and all that they have done, and are doing, to preserve, restore, and manage the estate. It's difficult to choose our favorite time of the year to visit, but we really enjoy the Fall Harvest Family Days, when Pioneer Farm comes alive with activities and you get to greet General Washington and hear him speak. Here is a photo of our daughter with the General, as portrayed by the superb historical interpretive actor Dean Malissa. Karen Wetzel, 2018
Camma Curle
This picture was taken of my great-niece and Mrs. Washington in April 2013. We were visiting Mount Vernon for the American Girl Doll day. Camma Curle, 2013
Cole Mellinger
This is me on the right and another guy (anonymous) on the left. We both had the opportunity to lay the wreath in the wreath-laying ceremony. I never felt more honored in my life than to lay the wreath in a ceremony honoring the father of our country. Cole Mellinger, 2019