Giles Asselin
June 29, 2019. A magnificent sunset, right before the fireworks. It was our first time visiting Mount Vernon as a family. What a meaningful evening! Giles Asselin, 2019
Duncan Templeton
Painting class. Duncan Templeton, 2020
Naheed Cabana
We visit often, as we are neighborhood friends and members of Mount Vernon. This is one of our favorite memories of Zachary meeting some of the soldiers of the Continental Army in October of 2007. Naheed Cabana, 2007
Naheed Cabana
We live within walking distance of the mansion and visit regularly. My favorite memories are of my children visiting and their excitement at meeting General Washington and the other re-enactors. This is Sophia with the General in October of 2007. Naheed Cabana, 2007
Katelynn Kemm
This photo was taken on Father's Day morning 2016. Since all of our family lives out of the area and we don't always get to visit with them on these special days, we began a tradition of bringing our dogs to Mount Vernon to celebrate and make the day special. Nia, a rescue from Sarajevo, has taken a particular liking to this tree on her visits to the grounds and always enjoys taking a break to enjoy its shade. Katelynn Kemm, 2016
John Steuber
I came to Mount Vernon to visit as I was writing my book about George Washington. I sat on the back piazza with my friend talking over how important George Washington is to our society today. And the book that is now published. John Steuber, 2018
Richard Nonn
Richard, Elizabeth and Kayla Nonn. We were in town for Kayla’s graduation from Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies. As members of Mount Vernon, we took advantage of the time to explore this great national treasure again. Richard Nonn, 2019
Jeff Holdren
Sunset on the Potomac. Jeff Holdren, 2016
Luis Albisu
My grand baby who had recently learned how to walk enjoying herself in a special place. Luis Albisu, 2018
Luis Albisu
Attended Revolutionary War weekend and my daughter and granddaughter were honored to meet the general. Luis Albisu, 2019
Wolf Leiser-Reshef
Since we returned to the USA in 2014 after eight years of overseas assignments and made the DMV our home Mount Vernon became our special place to visit. Every time our daughter and her husband come to visit us one of the places we or they visit is Mt. Vernon. Here they are enjoying George Washington's garden. Wolf Leiser-Reshef, 2018
Joel Parsons
The children learning about history and our nation's founding father. Joel Parsons, 2019
Karen Waggoner
My kids, Andrew and Anna, at Christmastime. This is a new tradition for us to meet somewhere beautiful and historical at Christmas. We had a wonderful time as a family. Karen Waggoner, 2019
Carly Law
We were visiting my aunt and uncle in Fairfax over Christmas break. My mom, dad, brother, and I are pictured in front of Mount Vernon on a beautiful winter day. This was me and my brother’s first time visiting here and we loved it... especially the scavenger hunt. Carly Law, 2019
Louise Deane
My friends and I always come to the estate to visit and shop. Tina, Louisa Margie and Lee. Louise Deane, 2019