Sandi Atkinson
Front row L to R - Susanna (now Sandi Atkinson) and sister Carolyn Wesner. Back row, R to L - our grandmother Mildred Tredway Major Eldridge, her daughter (our mother) Janet Major Eldridge Wesner, Janet's cousin Hazel Adams, Hazel and Ted's daughter Cynthia Adams, and Hazel's husband Ted Adams. Photo probably taken by Charles Wesner, Janet's husband. We Wesners and Grandma Eldridge lived at 4115 Aspen Street, Chevy Chase, Md. The Adamses were visiting from New Jersey. This might have been an Easter, 1949, visit. The tourists nowadays don't get dressed up like that. Sandi Atkinson, 1949
Mary Kish
My daughter Abby and granddaughter Cecilia, meeting Alexander Hamilton and George Washington, during the Revolutionary War Weekend. We enjoyed all the events immensely, though when the battle started, the cannons did scare Ceci! MAry Kish, 2017
Patti Cavin
I have a membership at Mt Vernon. I take my granddaughter to Mt Vernon for walks whenever I visit. I enjoy this time with her very much. This was Halloween 2019. In the picture is Cavin Hellmuth my granddaughter and me Patti Cavin. Missing all of you!! Stay Safe. Patricia Cavin, 2019
Dominic Vizzoni
My youngest. Went on behind the scenes tour. Dominic Vizzoni, 2018
Meg Eklund
We were able to have a wonderful VIP tour as my husband is a member of the Ohio Legislature. We had a private wreath laying ceremony at the end of the tour. It was an honor and an experience we will never forget. Meg Eklund, 2017
Kathleen McLoughlin
My late mother, Mary McNamara, loved Mount Vernon. She first visited Mount Vernon in 1939-she was the American Legion's National Drum Majorette Champion and they were enroute to Boston for their convention, where she would march in their parade. She was able to volunteer with me a number of times when visiting-raising flags, helping with Garden Days in the upper garden, etc. Her favorite was the Wine Festival--being in costume and meeting General and Mrs.Washington was the highlight! Kathleen McLoughlin, 2014
Erin Doherty
As a member, I love to come out from DC and visit the animals at least once per month...usually twice. I always check on the Rams because one was getting picked on. I was glad to see someone cared enough to separate him from the bullies last time I was there. <3 Erin Doherty, 2019
Susan Stahler
My grandson (then 5 years old) was not at all happy when he found out that our visit to “George’s house “ was not to see Curious George!! Susan Stahler, 2018
Paul Spelman
Paul Spelman, wearing his tricorn hat. Because when at George Washington's house, do as George Washington did. Paul Spelman, 2014
Sara Call
I am Sara Call and I love sitting on porch of Mount Vernon whenever I visit. I am an annual pass holder since at least 2014. I find walking the grounds very peaceful. Sara Call, 2016
Morgann Holyoak
My husband and I have been members at Mount Vernon for three years now. In this picture is my daughter at the “little garden” last summer before she started school. We have a picture of her in this same spot every year that we’ve lived here. We love Mount Vernon! Morgann Holyoak
Penny Keaney
Young Martha visiting with a special visitor from Arizona. Penny Keaney, 2010
Sara Call
My husband, Jim Call, and I like to sit on porch of Mount Vernon when we visit. We find it very peaceful. Sara Call, 2016
Jessica Beatty
My husband took this photo of me and our two daughters on our first visit to the estate after moving to the Mt Vernon area of Alexandria. We started our membership right away, visiting the estate and grounds monthly (sometimes more frequent) and enjoying the special events throughout the year! Jessica Beatty, 2018
Suzanne Barnhill
The photo shows my husband and children: Virginia Vaughan Barnhill, Matthew Talbot Barnhill, Jr. (Barney), and Matthew Talbot Barnhill III. My parents lived in Bethesda from 1956 to 1991, and I lived there until my marriage in 1967. Although I'm sure I had visited Mount Vernon previously, this was the children's first (and our last) visit. In the summer after Matthew turned 9 (1983), he had had a solo visit to his grandparents; the rest of us joined him at the end. In 1986, when Virginia had just turned 9, she had the same experience, and it was during this visit that we took in Mount Vernon. This is one of 10 photos of MV that I pasted (along with the visitor's guide) into an album about our visit. Shortly after that visit, I sent a contribution to MVLA and found myself a charter member of what had become Friends of Mount Vernon. I've been a member ever since. Though I've never had the opportunity to return, it is on my bucket list, and I enjoy reading about all the new developments there. Suzanne Barnill, 1987