Paula Palmore
Arrival of Mistress Washington and children. CAPTION... "so much for being Colonial." Master Custis was always the misbehaved one. I took this photo during a break for the child actor. Paula Palmore, 2018
Katelyn Gurgiolo
Living in the area, my sister and I have taken advantage of the history attached to it. We became members of Mount Vernon and enjoy the tours and events that come along with being a member. We love to bring visiting family and friends to Mount Vernon and chose to bring the pup along on the beautiful day this picture was taken! Zoey (dog) may not be one of Washington’s infamous breed of hounds, but she has a lot of love to spare! Katelyn Gurgiolo, 2019
Lucy Folino
I’ve loved learning about Geo Washington since I was little. And I’ve supported Mt. Vernon for many years, but I had never been there. When my 60th bday rolled around, my husband asked me what I wanted to do. I chose visiting Mt. Vernon at last! It was so wonderful. The picture is my husband looking over the grounds. Lucy Folino, 2018
Andrea Liptak
This is Jane, age 6 in the photo. She is local and a member. She loves American History and Mount Vernon! We go often, but this picture captures her enthusiasm for this special place. She’s also wearing a patriotic shirt from Williamsburg. And her favorite thing at Mount Vernon is “Be Washington.” She’s pretty good too! Andrea Liptak, 2018
Holliday Hurd
Me shopping at the Colonial fair. Holliday Hurd, 2019
Lyn McKinney
My sister-in-law and I are members and we came early and headed to the gardens to get pictures before the crowds. But we couldn’t pass up this beautiful flowering tree near the visitor’s center. I’m in the picture. I really miss the gardens and hope to visit when it is safe to do so. Lyn McKinney, 2017
Lysa Cockram
We had out of town company visiting and I had just had foot surgery. We wanted to make sure they could enjoy the wonderful experience at Mount Vernon, so we loaded me and the rest of the group and came for a special visit. I sat on George and Martha's front porch looking at the beautiful Potomac while they toured the Mansion. Lysa Cockram, 2016
Katelin Moomau
We took the special dog tour with our bichon Max!! He loves the baby sheep! Katelin Moomau, 2014
Mary Jo Feuling
I love the landscape so I took a picture of this tree which I believe is no longer on the property due to it getting hit by lightning. It was just a lovely tree which I think George and Martha enjoyed seeing with the Potomac River in background. Mary Jo Feuling, 2012
Holliday Hurd
Girl in traditional dress at Colonial fair. Holliday Hurd, 2019
Joe Zipper
I brought my girlfriend to the 4th of July fireworks event for the first time (it will now be an annual tradition). It was a beautiful afternoon, but then a big storm hit - this was us taking cover from the storm in the portico! The storm subsequently cleared and the fireworks show was amazing! Joe Zipper, 2019
Megan Pickle
We are members of Mount Vernon and we visit quite often. This photo was taken just after Christmas and we wanted to make sure to get a visit in to see Aladdin the camel. Megan Pickle, 2018
Don Menez
Patriot Run. My family: Don, Laura, Grace, Gabriela and James Menez. Don Menez, 2019
Matthew Briney
We visited Mount Vernon with our boy scout troop. The troop was given the honor of laying the wreath at Washington's Tomb. I was chosen to read Washington's prayer to the group. Matthew Briney, 1987
David Diamond
David, Karen, Autumn, and Izzy attending the wonderful Mount Vernon Dog Tour!! David Diamond, 2019