Cathryn Lim
This photo is of my son John Lim and my daughter Hannah Lim interacting with the Presidential Oath of Office display. John served a mission for our church in the D.C. area. When he completed his mission he wanted us to come and pick him up. He showed us around to all of his favorite sites. Living in D.C. for two years my son came away with a profound respect for the founding fathers and we were all deeply touched by our experience at Mt. Vernon. Cathryn Lim, 2014
Melissa Peterson
Although I had been volunteering at Mount Vernon for 6 or 7 years and my mother had visited a few times, she was really excited about meeting General and Lady Washington for the first time at the Independence Fireworks event in 2017. The day was not complete until she got to hear them answer questions from the audience and got her photo with them - and both my parents loved the patriotic music and fireworks that evening. Melissa Peterson, 2017
April Watkins
After taking many groups of students to Mount Vernon over the years and attending GWTI the summer of 2018 I knew I really wanted to take my younger brother on his first visit. He was my guest to the GWTI Reunion in 2019. It’s so nice now to have a family member to talk with about how special this place is. We have memories that will last a lifetime! April Watkins, 2019
Nancy Kunsman
We brought our niece Keira Whittle to Mount Vernon because she loves Early American history and POTUS1. This was a family vacation the week of Thanksgiving, a perfect time to see Mount Vernon in the holiday spirit. We live in Oklahoma so don’t get to come often but look forward to returning again soon. 2019
Jennifer Archer,
Our family was inspired by Hamilton: A American Musical. Last summer we took off East from Illinois with our Hamilton bobblehead to visit as many Hamilton significant locations as we could. We started in Paterson, NJ, visited the Grange in NY among other spots, Valley Forge, and many locations in Philadelphia. We also visited Washington, DC to see his statue at the Treasury and other things he inspired and the Washington Monument that Eliza worked to raise money for. At kind of the last minute, we decided to stop at Mount Vernon on our way home. It was wonderful! If I'd known it was so close it definitely would've been on our itinerary from the beginning. We loved the tour through the house and the musicians on the lawn. We loved visiting the grave and seeing the animals. The museum was also wonderful! In the picture are my husband, Eric, our kids, Madeline and Nicholas and of course Alexander Bobblehead. Thank you! Jennifer Archer, 2019
Teszra Kang
This picture was taken on June 16, 2019. My son and I traveled to Virginia from Hawaii for a relative's high school graduation. This was our first trip to Virginia, and we made a special visit to Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon is such a beautiful place with so much rich history. We spent several hours here, but I would love to visit again. Thank you for preserving this wonderful place. Teszra Kang, 2019
Jacqueline Halpin
I was out in November from California for the 1619 conference. I had a wonderful time as always! Sad that I had to cancel my class’s visit next week! Jacqueline Halpin, 2019
Kristen Otto
My first time visiting Mount Vernon! I came with a friend and knew then that I wanted to work there someday. About a year later that dream came true, and I’m proud to have been part of Mount Vernon’s development team for nearly 11 years now. Kristen Otto, 2008
Lonna Seibert
On March 11, 1990, leaders of several Masonic groups in Maryland held a wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of George and Martha and Washington. Pictured is B. Hope Harrison, Grand Master of Masons in Maryland, Lonna Seibert, Miss Maryland Job's Daughter, and Morris Lay, representing the Tall Cedars of Lebanon. Lonna Seibert, 1990
On October 25, 2015, our family went trick-or-treating at Mount Vernon. The estate is absolutely beautiful in the fall and we had a wonderful time taking a wagon ride, visiting the outbuildings, meeting Lady Washington, and playing on the lawn. These are my daughters, Daphne Taylor, who was seven at the time and dressed as Ben Gunn from "Treasure Island", and Vivian Taylor, who was six and dressed as Mavis Dracula from "Hotel Transylvania." Lonna Seibert, 2015
Christine Matney
We went for the first time with my husband, our 3 children (Samantha, Brooke, & Lauren) and my mother-in-law. We had an amazing time touring the house and grounds. A special moment was when the fifer played the Army song for us. My husband who is now a retired LTC really enjoyed that & he was given a coin from the fifer! Absolutely amazing! Thank you & we definitely can’t wait to come back. Christine Matney, 2014
Michelle Erica Green
This is my father, my father's brother, and my older son visiting along with my husband, younger son, mother, and mother's brother. Both uncles coincidentally happened to be in the DC area, even though one lived in L.A. and the other in New York, and we decided to take the kids to Mount Vernon to see the mansion and the animals, which they loved! Michelle Erica Green, 2003
Laurie Garner,
My son, aged 5, and my daughter, aged 2, are in the photo. My father, who was Canadian at the time, visited Mount Vernon in the 1960s. He always spoke of it with reverence, especially after he became an American citizen in the late 80s. I’d always longed to visit, so we made plans during a recent trip to Washington D.C last summer. It was an incredible visit for us all! Laurie Garner, 2019
Kristen Marino
In February 2018, I went through radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer. I had to be quarantined in the basement for just over a week so the rest of my family wasn’t exposed to the radiation. My parents kindly came to help with the kids and house. The day I was released from quarantine coincided with Washington’s birthday, so we decided to go to Mount Vernon! My parents lived in the DC area when I was born and enjoy visiting historic sites when they visit. After being in the basement for so long, it was nice to get out and explore the grounds, and the kids had fun eating birthday cake. Pictured are my dad, my kids, and me (my mom is relaxing on the portico, my husband was working). Thank you for keeping this beautiful home and grounds. Kristen Marino, 2018
Sarah Rung
This photo was taken in the summer of 2007. I was almost ten years old and visiting Mount Vernon for the first time. I was picked out of the audience to participate in the wreath ceremony. (I am the one on the left) I couldn’t have been more excited! This trip was really when I discovered my love of history. I am about to graduate from college this spring with a BA in History and Museum Studies. I have a job at a museum lined up after graduation at another wonderful museum. I have been to Mount Vernon two times since 2007 and have loved every minute of my time there. I hope to able to come visit again in the near future. Sarah Rung, 2007