Jennifer Price
We are blessed to live right up the road and we love to visit often! In 2019 we chose to use this family photo that we took as part of our Christmas card! We have made many memories at Mount Vernon and we can’t wait to make so many more! Jennifer Price, 2019
Barb Gusway
I took this picture of my then 13-year-old daughter on our first ever trip to Mount Vernon on a very chilly April day in 2018. Barb Gusway, 2018
Rebecca Hoffman
This was from George's birthday at Mount Vernon. I saw the site was free to visit that day and I immediately jumped at the chance to share my favorite Presidential home with my new boyfriend Chris Downey, (we are now planning to be married, how time flies in two years). He fell in love with Mount Vernon and now shares the same affinity for the site as I do. Rebecca Hoffman, 2018
Cynthia Buste
I'm a former US History to 1877 teacher turned registered nurse. I was on a class trip for my MSN program to the Sigma conference in November 2019 in Washington DC and on our last day, we happened to go to Mount Vernon. Needless to say, this was a dream come true for me. I needed a picture in front of the house among rooms and other areas of the estate. I will never forget my first trip to Mount Vernon and plan to bring my children to see this important piece of our nation's history. Cynthia Buster, 2019
Rebecca Hoffman
This is me and my mom, Wendy in the photo. I had always wanted to visit and we were on our way back from DC after a difficult weekend. My grandmother, mom's mom had died in October and we were wrapping up estate stuff right after Christmas. I instantly fell in love with Mount Vernon and we had a much needed mother/daughter visit following a difficult period. We also ate at the restaurant and I haven't stopped thinking about the corn bread since. Rebecca Hoffman, 2016
Jessica Brandon
Our photo has my husband Jon and son Jason. We stopped at Mt. Vernon on our way to Washington D.C. from Colonial Williamsburg. Jessica Brandon, 2017
Astrid Donovan
We had the great privilege of living near Mt Vernon for a year, and you better believe we became members during our time there! My daughter was 4 at the time, and loved every chance she had to chat with Lady Washington. We always felt so welcome, and Lady Washington was so cheerful and sweet to our children. I asked my daughter, now 7, what her favorite memory is and she said it was attending the teddy bear tea party with Mrs. Washington and learning about her pet bear. Astrid Donovan, 2016
Kristin Reedy
My selfie from July 4th, 2018. I was on a 2 week road trip with a friend from middle school and her two young daughters. This was my fourth time to visit the estate, but it was their first visit. We visited DC over the July 4th holiday. We spent the day at Mount Vernon and I was able to watch a naturalization ceremony for new US citizens. It was really special to see all of those people so excited to become American citizens. One man was smiling from ear to ear as he was welcomed by a young couple. I remember thinking that George would probably be proud that this was happening at his estate. Kristin Reedy, 2018
Erika Freundel
We live locally and our son, Charlie (3), wanted to be GW for Halloween. We came to Mt. Vernon one afternoon in full costume to capture this picture that we will cherish forever! Erika Freundel, 2019
Jennifer DeRosa
We were in Virginia for a wedding and decided to stop at Mt. Vernon for the day with my husband and son. It was a little wet that day but still beautiful! We look forward to being able to visit again. Jennifer DeRosa, 2016
Rob Vinande
Our 2017 Family Vacation included a day at Mount Vernon. Rob Vinande, 2017
Pamela Beste
this was our second trip to Mount Vernon. The first time it was just my husband and I. This time was with my teenagers. I love it so much and my husband knows it. There is something that draws me there. So it's tough living in Missouri. Pamela Beste, 2019
Patricia Vela,
My husband and my first trip to Mount Vernon. We loved it and walked around for hours despite my being 9 months pregnant. We lived in the area for for 4 years and frequently brought both of our children and they loved the grounds. We visited for all of special days our son was a huge fan of the re-enactments! Patricia Vela, 2016
Jillian Cayton
Mother's day weekend 2019. Jillian Cayton, 2019
Casey Sabnis
Fireworks at Mount Vernon - Independence Day and Christmas - have become an important family tradition. My two boys especially love walking the grounds at night and sitting under the stars along the Potomac. Here, 2 year old Ronan, is gazing in wonder at the fireworks illuminating the sky. Casey Sabnis, 2019