Paul Christensen
I was taking part in the Purple Heart Commemoration Day with the 1st Virginia Regiment of the Continental Line (I am in the middle). Paul Christensen, 2019
Kesji Hoxha
It was a weekend when all my family was off work, so we decided to drive to Mount Vernon, having seen it in “National Treasure 2” as well. That’s me on the riverfront side of the mansion. Had a blast exploring all the property, and learning on the life of George Washington. Kesji Hoxha, 2019
Jeff Little
Historical Tour. Jeff Little, 2019
Robert Spangard
Trip to VIR first to drive the track at 115 mph, second, to Mt. Vernon to learn about the estate and the Washingtons, and third, to Williamsburg to view the Christmas wreaths and visit the historical sites & observe several shows and demonstrations. Evelyn Spangard of Salem Glen -- Clemmons, NC is in the photo. Robert Spangard, 2018
Rob Leighton
Our family including our son Leo and daughter Ryan on their first trip to Mount Vernon. Leo so loves learning about George Washington that we are now watching the documentary Washington on the History Channel together. Rob Leighton, 2018
Rob Vinande
As we turned the corner on our way to the mansion and there it was! Majestic and Stately! Rob Vinande, 2017
Rob Vinande
My family visiting the New Tomb. Rob Vinande, 2017
Rob Vinande
I believe this picture was taken through the kitchen window looking at the west side of the mansion. A unique view that you can imagine someone taking to understand the status of someone coming or going and when a meal may be needed. Rob Vinande, 2017
Rob Vinande
My wife and two daughters, Hannah and Natalie, enjoying the Piazza. Rob Vinande, 2017
Rob Vinande
I'm an old-school blacksmith and found Washington's Forge to be very interesting! Would love to forge some iron there someday. Rob Vinande, 2017
Carol Miller Schaefer, 2016
Myself and husband are in this photo. I attend a conference annually in DC and we usually take extra days to visit the historical sites. I’ve visited Mt Vernon before but I always learn something new. Carol Miller Schaefer, 2016
Malinda Hunter
This is a picture of me hanging out with the GW statue in the lobby entrance just after getting my annual pass scanned. I was there with friends the last weekend in May. I lived in Alexandria, VA and worked on the Hill. Mount Vernon was my weekend escape and peaceful place. I would sometimes bike there on the Mount Vernon trail and bring a book to read in a rocker on the front porch. I also enjoyed the wine events! Miss you Mount Vernon! Can’t wait to bring my girls, Haley and Ashley, when they’re old enough. Malinda Hunter, 2009