Merry Gordon
This is me and my husband on our first trip in 14 years without children! (Virginia is for lovers, right?) When we got to DC the weather was in the 30s...only days later, it was somehow warmer in VA than it was in AZ and I was boiling in that sweater. Totally worth it...we got to see Mount Vernon on Presidents’ Day and follow it with dinner at Gadsby’s Tavern in Alexandria. Merry Gordon, 2017
Steven Renshaw
My younger sister is 4 years younger than myself. Steven Renshaw, 1970
Carol Whitmore
1. Winter Break 2. Rex Whitmore 3. To learn about our nation’s most important founding father; a great man in his time for his contemporary and the future us, and our progeny. Carol Whitmore, 2018
Steven Renshaw
My father, my brother(the short one), my sister and I. My mother is taking the picture. Steven Renshaw, 1970
Deborah Davidson
Presidents Day 2020, a very satisfactory outing. Admission was free, the weather was beautiful and the new exhibit was quite informative. Deborah Davidson, 2020
Vince Hoffman
This is my wife Joanne and my two sons Erik and Scott. For several years we went to Washington, DC for Mother's Day weekend. We visited Mount Vernon each year as well. Vince Hoffman, 2003
Bob Clark
I play 18th century music in the Itinerant Band and we have provided music to Mount Vernon for over twenty years. This picture was taken in September of 2011 while we were playing for the Market Fair. This is the same metal bench my mother, Helen Clark, sat on as a ten year old girl in a visit to Mount Vernon on Labor Day weekend in 1939. I had my picture taken standing next to it as a connection to her visit decades ago. She is 91 now and remembers in great detail her visit to the mansion, the gardens and the kitchen. I am sending this picture in case you wanted to put this together with the picture of her from 1939. Bob Clark, 2011
Bob Clark
The girl on the right is my mother, Helen Clark, at age 10. Next to her is her aunt Helen who lived in Annapolis. My mother was one of several relatives visiting Annapolis and they went to Mount Vernon on Labor Day weekend in 1939. The picture was taken in the upper garden near the greenhouse. I play 18th-century music in the Itinerant Band and have had the honor of providing music to Mount Vernon for over twenty years. On one of my visits, I found the same metal bench in the upper garden and had my picture taken with it as a connection to my mother's visit decades ago. Mom is 91 now and enjoys seeing the pictures I take at Mount Vernon and hearing the stories of playing music there for various events (Market Fair in September, Harvest Weekend in October, Candlelight tours in November and December). Bob Clark, 1939
Vicki Fite
Trip was to visit family, but all my trips are centered around historic places. Have been to Mount Vernon several times, the first time in 1979, the last in 2010. The history there is incredible and the grounds are beautiful. Vicki Fite, 2010
Christian Cicimurri
I’m participating in the Revolutionary War weekend re-enactment (May 1, 2016). Christian Cicimurri, 2016
Toni Camp
I am a frequent visitor to Mt. Vernon even though I live on the West Coast. This is a trip I took with my sister Tammy. I am in the photo. Toni Camp, 2017
 Elisabeth Loos
his is a photo of my kids Tom, Anna, and Sam. We visited Mount Vernon last spring break and had a wonderful day exploring the mansions, the museum, and the grounds. The interpreters did a great job conveying what life at Mount Vernon was like for both the family and the enslaved men and women who lived there. While reading through the exhibits we came across this quote and I have always remembered it: "Still I hope I shall always possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain (what I consider the most enviable of all titles) the character of an honest man." - George Washington. Words to live by! Elisabeth Loos, 2018
Judy Morrill
My brother & sister-in-law visited me from Michigan. The trip to MV was a must. Judy Morrill, 2018
Suzanne Young
This was from the amazing Camp Washington in 2018. Catherine and Elizabeth Young are pictured with a costumed musician who led the marching with flags on the lawn. This was one of their many favorite memories of Camp Washington. Suzanne Young, 2018
Lainie Bradshaw
My daughters, Katie (on left) and Kylie (on right) LOVED our visit to Mount Vernon in July 2019. They especially enjoyed the chance to speak to Martha Washington. We love American history in our family, and we spent an entire day exploring Mount Vernon. We still talk about our visit often and hope to visit again someday. We learned so much! Lainie Bradshaw, 2019