Susan Roling
This was my grandfather's (standing 6th from the left) high school senior trip. Susan Roling, 1922
Jean Reigel
Bangor 6th Grade Class Trip. Bangor, WisconsinJean Reigel, 2019
Tara Moreno
This was a spring break trip I took my girls on 3 years ago, to see our nation's capital, and Mount Vernon was a lovely highlight. My older daughter and I appreciated the historical context, and my 9yo (pictured) loved exploring the picturesque grounds. We are from Florida, so the cherry blossoms and other springtime blooms that were new to us were such a delight! Tara Moreno, 2017
Ernest Snowden
On July 4th, our daughter Hayley was invited by the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) to deliver a public address on the grounds of Mount Vernon. That year, Hayley was the national winner of the SAR's Joseph Rumbaugh Oratory contest, and she reprised her winning oration on "freedom of speech" prior to a ceremonial visit to General Washington's tomb. We were invited as a family to join the earlier procession down the front lawn of Mount Vernon, in company with other descendants of Revolutionary War patriots. The photo was taken during that procession. Ernest Snowden, 2014
Peter Webb
Photo: Pete Webb & husband (Eric Blomquist). We attended the Masonic Wreath Laying Ceremony and Washington’s Birthday Celebration. Peter Webb, 2010
Scott Osborn
This is me, Scott Osborn, taken on the weekend of the Colonial Fair on the 17th September 2017. Scott Osborn, 2017
Scott Osborn
View of Fort Washington from the grounds of the East Front on the 30th January 2011. Scott Osborn, 2011
Scott Osborn
This photo was taken on one of the "Mt. Vernon by Candlelight" tours, 17th December 2017. This photo is of the blacksmith's shop. Scott Osborn, 2017
Linda Schwartz
Mt Vernon is one of my favorite places to go. Love learning history and it is all brought to life through the setting and the historical interpreters. I love this shot I took of the mansion, It makes me feel like I'm visiting President Washington (the actors who play the President and Lady Washington are amazing). I am looking forward to coming back to Mt. Vernon when this is all over. My meet up group just lost a member recently, Mt. Vernon was one of her fave places to go. The group is planning a trip in her honor. Linda Schwartz, 2016
Marsha Heissler
My 77 & 80 year old parents from Missouri. My Dad was an American History Teacher & this was his first visit to VA, Arlington, Washington DC, etc. Trip of a lifetime!! Marsha Heissler, 2014
Christina Escobedo
This is a photo of my kids on July 26, 2014. I took them to visit my college friend and her family in Virginia. My son had read a book about George Washington and was excited to see his house. My daughter enjoyed walking around the gardens and taking pictures of the flowers. It was a great day! Christina Escobedo, 2014
Amanda Sigillitto
Pictured with me is my daughter, Charlotte Alavi, who was eight or nine at the time. My husband, daughter and I visited Mount Vernon for a day trip. We enjoyed our mansion tour and had lunch at the food court. My daughter asked us if George Washington use to eat there, too! Amanda Sigillitto, 2010
Melissa Cherkasky
This picture was taken by my son of my husband and me. We were on a family trip to Virginia and stopped at Mt. Vernon on the way back home to Pennsylvania. Melissa Cherkasky, 2018
Nick Troutman
My parents, Paul & Cathy Troutman, sister Jennifer McGrath and her children Tyler, Jonas and Libby of Ashland, Pennsylvania, stopped at Mount Vernon on November 29th, 2012, while on our way to Norfolk Naval Station in Virginia. It was our first time visiting this historic site, and we were very warmly greeted as we entered the gate by someone familiar with our hometown in Pennsylvania. To visit at the onset of the Christmas holiday was an opportunity to see first-hand how President Washington and his family celebrated in the 18th century. To this day, we still have not attempted Martha Washington’s special family Christmas “great cake”. Forty eggs and four pounds of butter! Wow! Nick Troutman, 2012
Martha Preston
This stunning photo shows Roseanne Cannon posing in front of Mount Vernon, taken by her husband Patrick Cannon, while on their honeymoon in September 1958. Pat is a dear family friend now retired and living in AZ. Roseanne’s memory lives on in this beautiful image of her! Martha Preston, 1958