Dana Cort
We came as a family. Our son had been there a few years previously during he 8th grade school trip. He suggested that our summer trip for 2017 that we all should go to Washington DC. He said that Mount Vernon was one of his favorites. So we went and truly enjoyed our visit at Mount Vernon. What wonderful history that you share there every step of the way. We will be back. Our son, Dalton is in this photo during our visit. Dana Cort, 2018
Sherri Good
My husband, Greg, accompanied me to the GWTI Alumni Reunion. Fourth of July with George and Martha! Sherri Good, 2019
Erin Anderson
These are my daughters, Eliza (age 7 at the time) and Isabel (age 5 at the time) at Mount Vernon’s Independence Day celebration. We come every year because this such a wonderful event, and fun for the whole family. It had rained earlier that day, and the day before, so we weren’t sure how the afternoon and night would play out, but the clouds left the area and we had a beautiful evening and another fabulous time celebrating our county’s independence at the stunning Mount Vernon! The girls were celebrating our good fortune of good weather and happiness in this picture that we could once again come to the event. Erin Anderson, 2017
Sally Jewert
Came to visit the estate and brought along my little granddaughter to see Lady Washington. She was too shy to try on the offered apparel but not me! Sally Jewert, 2018
Bethany Iman
This is my grandson Jordan. My mom lives about 5 minutes from Mt. Vernon so I’m trying to bring all the grandkids here every time we visit! Bethany Iman, 2017
Linda Bratcher
As teacher for over 20 years, I brought my 8th students from California to Williamsburg and Mt Vernon to learn more about the individuals who believed in a better, freer, and more just system of government. The opportunity to study in these important settings fanned the flames of interest about these important men, women, and places more than just studying in a textbook. My granddaughters, Ambrosia and Rhiannon are Canadian, their knowledge about American history, and it’s Founding Fathers, is limited. Bringing them to learn at these two touchstones of the American story with me this December was a dream finally come true. While the rain provided obstacles it did not dampen our spirits or my desire to share the story of this hero of mine, and so many others. Thanks for allowing me to share with you my latest visit to Mount Vernon. Linda Bratcher, 2019
Jan Carlos Reymundi
It was American revolutionary war weekend at Mount Vernon and those pictures were taken at the battle reenactment. Very amazing loved it!! Jan Carlos Reymundi, 2018
Hilde Perrin
The photo is me, my mom, my sister, and my aunt. I have been a George Washington enthusiast for years, but this was our first trip to Mount Vernon, this January after I received a membership for Christmas. Hilde Perrin, 2020
Joe Zipper
A cold visit to Mount Vernon in January...we visit often, if for nothing else than to stock up on Mount Vernon cherry preserves from the gift shop!! Joe Zipper, 2020
Joe Zipper
I brought my girlfriend to Mount Vernon on the 4th of July for the fireworks (we’ve decided it will now be an annual tradition!). We snapped this photo taking shelter under the portico when a storm hit. It subsequently cleared for beautiful fireworks display!!! Joe Zipper, 2019
Edward Douglas
Visited on Christmas Eve 2018. Less crowded and the tour of the mansion was relaxed and enjoyable. Always enjoy Aladdin at Christmastime!! Edward Douglas, 2018
Kyle Underhill,
I'm a middle school history teacher from southern Indiana. Every October I bring a group of 8th grade students to Washington DC and we make the trip to Virginia to visit Mt. Vernon! This particular trip was a special one because my dad, who is pictured with me, got to come and experience the whole trip! It was great spending that time with each other! Kyle Underhill, 2019
Lynette Oren
A friend, Becky came to visit me and I took her and my dog Stella to Mount Vernon. Anytime I have a visitor I take them there. It is a must-see. It is Becky in the picture with Martha and Stella. Lynette Oren, 2019
Allison Einhorn
We are members at Mount Vernon and love coming to see the animals every weekend!! We can’t wait till you open!! We miss you! Allison Einhorn, 2019
Dana Klusener
I was there for the Mount Vernon Teacher Institute. This is a collage of day 2. Dana Klusener, 2019