Jenni Loynd
My husband and I are blessed to have 21 grandchildren. We decided when the first three grandchildren Alli, Jake and Ben became teens in 2013, we'd take them to visit the Washington D. C. area. We chose Memorial week-end since it was the beginning of summer and many patriotic activities took place in D.C. We saved the final day of our trip to visit Mt. Vernon, which they agreed was their favorite. Since we had so much fun we returned in 2015 with three new teens - Luke, Anna, and Elizabeth. Before returning to St. Louis we again enjoyed a great day at Mt. Vernon. Two years later on Memorial week-end 2017 we returned with three new teens - Mark, Will, and Grace. Each time we returned to Mt. Vernon we learned more as tours changed or improved. We planned to take three more grands this year, but due to Covid-19 we are holding back, yet hope by the 4th of July 2000, it will be a healthier safer country and we can return to Washington D.C. and Mt. Vernon with Adaeze, Sophia, and Jack. Jenni Loynd, 2013
Sherri Good
My husband, Greg and I, attended the GWTI Alumni activities on July 4th. Sherri Good, 2019
Mike Falkner
Bus trip. Philadelphia , DC, Williamsburg, Gettysburg. It was an awesome trip and Mount Vernon was certainly one of the highlights. Mike Falkner, 2016
Matthew Miller
We were at a Soccer tournament. We are from Arizona and Madison and I both think the world of Mount Vernon so we made time to spend the day on premise. Matthew Miller, 2018
Sue Morgan
My husband and myself. Craig and Sue Morgan. We spent 10 days in Virginia to see historical sites. On this trip, we also went to Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, the American Revolution Museum, Fort Monroe, and the Civil War Museum in Richmond. This was the first time we were in the area and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the trip. Sue Morgan, 2019
Joel Sawyer
I had a spare day to spend on a trip to Northern Virginia for my cousin's wedding. I chose to spend it with one of my favorite people of all time, George Washington. Joel Sawyer, 2017
Laura Hanna
This is my daughter, Alison. We took her to Mount Vernon in the Spring. So cute! Whenever I see this photo, I joke that we were visiting "Grandpa George's" house. Laura Hanna, 2010
Susan Johnson
Anna Clark & Susan Johnson. We were in town for a conference but stayed an extra day to tour Mount Vernon! Susan Johnson, 2018
Steven Hayhurst
This is my daughter Katie 18 years old we came down to visit Mount Vernon for the first time my daughter Megan Katie and myself Steven Hayhurst we are from Yardley Bucks County Pennsylvania and live near Washington Crossing Park. Steven Hayhurst, 2019
Edith Bergay
Christmas Day 2018. While the rest of DC was closed due to a lack of funding, the family enjoyed a loving and joy filled Christmas day at our first presidents home. Even the four year old remembers this adventure. Edith Bergay, 2018
Audra Toms
Mother and daughter trip to have tea with Martha. Audra Toms, 2015
Matthew Oiumet
This was taken at the 18th Century Fair in September 2016. It was my first year performing at the fair as the 18th Century Astrologer, Dr. John Nobles. I am standing with my two close friends and mentors in historical interpretation, Robert Olson (Mr. Bayly Conjuring and Entertainments) and Mike Follin (Dr. Balthazar's Medicine Show). Matthew Oiumet, 2016
Phyllis Debrow
This is a picture of myself at the Mansion in March 2019. I brought a group of students from Mississippi to the DC area with a student tour company and we spent a day at Mount Vernon. It is one of my favorite places to visit in our nation. The weather was perfect and we thoroughly enjoyed our tour. Phyllis Debrow, 2019