Jillian Cayton
After Kailey planned her fourth birthday party around George Washington we decided to take a trip to visit his house! We can't wait to go back. Jillian Cayton, 2019
Danielle Parker
My grandparents took me back east from California for spring break. I loved everything and have been back six times since. Most recently bringing my 8th grade daughter last year. Danielle Parker, 1988
Kirsten Raban
Every year we take a group of fifth graders to DC. Of course one of our stops is Mt. Vernon! This is myself and one of our chaperones Raquel Gandy taking a moment to enjoy the beauty and fun of the mansion! Kirsten Raban, 2015
Margo Cunniffe
My brother and his family were visiting my mom over Christmas. I suggested we go to Mount Vernon (I'm the picture taker!). It was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed meeting Aladdin the camel and viewing the mansion decorations. Mount Vernon is lovely to visit in any season. Margo Cunniffe, 2016
Rachel Branum
Maura and I (mom/Rachel) have made a president’s day trip from Ohio each year for the past four years... sadly this year we didn’t make it. Maura loves history and was taking a virtual tour via the website a few years ago so I knew I had to bring her to see it in person. We’re hoping this is a yearly tradition that we’re able to continue each year. Hope to see everyone (Hi to Don!!) next February! Rachel Branum, 2018
Nicole Bolton
As part of the George Washington Teacher Institute I experienced Mt. Vernon in such a special way! Honestly one of the best experiences of my life! Nicole Bolton, 2019
Susan Miller
A beautiful day at Mount Vernon (1983) with my mother, younger brother and grandmother. My grandparents were visiting us from New York. Susan Miller, 1983
Gina Hanna
As a tour guide, I get the joy of coming to Mt. Vernon several times a year with both students and adults. It is beautiful in any weather and getting to visit with Don is always an added bonus! I tell my travelers to look for him and visit with him. He is so talented and kind. Gina Hanna, 20178
Adele Bedard
Myself and my granddaughter who is 4 years old. She loves going to the Market Faire and trying all the wonderful foods! Myself and my granddaughter who is 4 years old. She loves going to the Market Faire and trying all the wonderful foods! Adele Bedard, 2019
Michelle Pierce
We moved from NJ to VA about a year ago and my daughter goes to kindergarten on land that was George Washington’s. It has been a struggle, adjusting to being far from family and friends but one place that has helped us cope and come to love Virginia is Mount Vernon. We enjoy the beautiful grounds and going to events when we can. And I try to lure family and friends into visiting us by telling them about this place. First stop after stay at home order is lifted is Mount Vernon and that view over the Potomac! This photo are my children, Zoe (5) and Kai (2) at an event in October 20192019. Michelle Pierce, 2019
David Kiefner
As a great admirer of His Excellency, visiting Mt Vernon had always been a bucket-list pilgrimage. My daughter and I made the journey for Independence Day fireworks in 2018, and this photo depicts my fondest memory. I had the unexpected honor of being selected as an Army veteran to take part in the wreath-laying ceremony within the tomb. I am in the center with plaid shirt, flanked on my right by a Marine Corps veteran, and to the left by a Navy veteran. The Marine’s daughter is doing the reading. Thank you for providing me one of my life’s most moving experiences. David Kiefner, 2018
Christine Fleshman,
We were on a family trip exploring famous sites from American History and had already seen Monticello and Independence Hall. We hadn't planned on visiting Mount Vernon on this trip. But we were headed home on 95 and got stuck in traffic. We realized that Mount Vernon wasn't far from where we were stuck so we made a detour to visit. The kids wore the hats they got from Historic Williamsburg. It was the perfect addition to our trip. Christine Fleshman, 2016
Elaine Ramirez
My daughters, Jessica and Marissa, on our first visit to Mt. Vernon. Marissa is a secondary education history major and really enjoyed learning so much at our visit. Elaine Ramirez, 2019
Julie Staley
My sons and their cousin. We visited to teach them about history. By actually visiting the home of our first president they have acquired a desire to learn more about him and our country’s origins. Julie Staley, 2019
Candy Powell
We were on our way from Williamsburg, Virginia to Washington D.C. when we stopped by Mount Vernon. A memory that will last a lifetime! Candy Powell, 2019